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8 Things I Don’t Have Time For

10th May 2017

Last week, I was so very kindly sent this amazing watch from ICE watches. Look at it, it’s BEAUTIFUL. A clean design, fresh, but still with my signature girly style. The watch face is a pink/silver gradient of glitter, and I couldn’t imagine anything prettier! It’s part of the Ice Lo collection, and you can get yours here.

Anyway, it got me thinking about time. It’s precious, fleeting, and should be spent wisely. What do I want to make time for?

I could have made this such a positive post by talking about all the things I want to make more time for. But where’s the fun in that? Let’s talk about the things I DON’T have time for, at all.


1. Teen drama. I’m 29. I don’t have time for people slagging each other off for minor things, or worrying about what every Tom, Dick & Harry think of you. There is drama that’s justified, and y’know; important. And then there’s the same tired childish crap I just can’t be arsed with.

2. Slow walking people in shops. Especially busy ones like Primark, get moving Grandma! OMG it’s even worse when people STOP right outside the shop when you’re trying to get in or out. MOVE. Soz, but this one proper gets to me.

3. Cooking. I know, I’m terrible. Without Gary I’d be living off ready meals for sure. But I just honestly don’t care enough or have the patience to actually get ingredients and prepare food that resembles something truly edible. So Gary can do all that…

4. People getting offended at everything. It’s the internet. Also, people have different opinions, that’s life. Just because you’re offended at something doesn’t mean you’re right (also doesn’t mean you’re wrong! But others don’t have to care if you’re offended either.). Also this mob mentality on Twitter. Stop.

5. Brands who wanna work with you but demand X, Y and Z. I totally understand they have set goals, and a job to do. So let me give an example, to be clear here. A brand got in touch with me asking if I’d like to try their new range, and I wanted to! It’s a brand I knew and loved. But then they said they needed a blog post (which I was gonna do anyway), 2 posts on Instagram using specific hashtags, a post on Facebook, daily promotion on Twitter for 5 days, and I needed to use specific words in the post. Nuh uh mate. I could get all high and mighty here and say it’s because I don’t agree with these demands etc (which I don’t); but honestly? The biggest motivation for me saying NO THANKS, is that I just can’t be arsed. I just really don’t have time to be faffing about, I like to keep things simple. Brands or PR’s making things too complicated is the reason I reject them 99% of the time! And I don’t regret it at all tbh.

6. Adverts. Seriously is this day and age I’m totally spoiled because now if my show is interrupted with an ad, I’m like EXCUSE ME???! Same goes for Youtube. I don’t have time for this shit I just wanna see the Criminal Minds finale thank you!

7. People who aren’t open minded. These really does annoy me a bit, so much so that I can’t even engage in conversations with close minded people when they get going. Being open to other opinions, OR at least accepting that you are never going to agree with everyone; is so freeing. I see so many people go out of their way to ‘blanket blame’ opposing views (with no dicussion), which isn’t healthy IMO.

8. Piggybackers. Y’know those people who only talk to ‘higher ups?’ C’mon, you KNOW what I’m talking about. Those who only wanna be super chummy with people they can benefit off. These people tend to contribute to that ‘mob mentality’ I mentioned too, because they’re so keen to agree with their faves and get ‘in’ with that crowd. In fact, this probably annoys me more than the original people arguing on Twitter, because at least they’re passionate about something. The others who aren’t involved at all but insist on joining in with ‘OMGZ! DM me babe’ and then go on to grab their own pitchfork; well yeah I just really CBA with that. More people need to read Jon Ronson’s ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’ – it talks about this online mob mentality SO DAMN MUCH.
(EDIT:: – I’m not saying people should be vilified if they can’t chat/reply to everyone either! That’s sometimes impossible, even for little fries like me. I simply mean people who ONLY care about the big shots!)


Wow, look at me ranting away. Soz. Happy posts will continue now 🙂


*Watch was kindly sent out by Ice Watches, but all words, opinions, and input is my own. They just make super pretty watches, yasss.




*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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