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9 Things I Know About Moving Somewhere New

27th May 2017

It’s been almost one month since I moved from the city centre of Liverpool, to here in this much more ‘hillier’, rugged and nature filled home in Plymouth; and it’s been amazing. Everyday life, our surroundings, the people and our home are so much different now, and I really feel like we’ve settled in so well.

There are of course things I miss about Liverpool (being able to order takeout at 1am, being just minutes away from all the bars, restaurants and shops, and of course my family and friends); however I truly feel like I’ve found my home here. When I look out my window at the woodland that begins at the end of my path, when I see the stags and foxes in the evening, or even just the luxury of having an ‘upstairs’; I feel like I’ve managed to bag a little dream home, and I can’t help but pinch myself to check it’s all real.

I feel like I’ve learned so much in this past month, and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. Of course all these are based on my own opinions, so feel free to share yours in the comments! 🙂

Here are the nine things I’ve learned from moving somewhere new:

1. You’ll probably be more scared than you need to be. I felt like I was sort of expected to feel terrified, with everyone asking all the time. I knew deep down that I shouldn’t feel worried about moving to a new place, far away. After all, whats the worst that could happen? We hate it? Fine, we move back. There’s always a solution. However, all logic aside, I did still feel jittery the week leading up to the move; the pressure starting to build. I can’t even really pin down why, but it was a bit nerve wracking. I needn’t have worried though, I’ve been nothing but completely happy about the move!

2. A fresh start will feel SO GOOD. Oh my gosh, so good. This big change made me take note of everything else I wanted to change in my life. It’s motivated me to alter my routine, my goals, my hobbies, and so much more. This is the chance to reevaluate everything and take leaps!

3. Having ‘home comforts’ will help. Photographs framed and on display, sentimental gifts and plushies will all help make your new house feel like a home. They’ll literally comfort and ground you when everything feels strange and new.

4. Knowing yourself is important. For me personally, I knew I’d be okay ‘socially’ in a new place for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am more introverted than people think. I love spending time with friends, but I usually plan meeting up with people way ahead of time, and I enjoy spending a lot of time alone. I don’t at all mean I’m antisocial, and I can certainly get lonely; I simply know that I can still plan to see all my friends ahead of time (I/they will just have to travel further!). The second reason I knew I’d be okay with moving somewhere where I don’t know anyone; was blogging! I’ve already found local bloggers who are super friendly and have offered to hang out anytime. Blogging has such a lovely community, and its so easy to find new friends 🙂

5. You’ll compare everything. Since we moved, I’ve noticed how people are different here than in Liverpool (in good, bad, and hilarious ways), I’ve compared the events and amenities locally, and I’ve spotted differences in the way things are done. I can’t help but compare everything, and it’s really interesting to see how different even small things can be in a new place. Try to always see the good in your new home above all though!

6. Decorating will be a long process. I was determined to make this home our pretty little dream house; and still am, of course. However I now see it’s going to take us a while to get there. We’ve needed to buy new furniture, and still have more things to get (dining tables, shelving units, & more), before we can say we have everything we need. We can’t really decided on wall colours and fun decor bits, until we have all the big furniture either, as we’ll need to see how everything looks together to decide on colour schemes. We’re doing little things as we go of course, and trying to get there as fast as possible. I simply can’t wait to do the living room and office though! They’re going to be wonderful 🙂

7. Everything will feel like an adventure. Embrace the NEW! Seeing everything as an adventure is natural for me right now, and I love it. Whether it’s exploring somewhere new, buying furniture for our home, or planning days out; I’m doing everything with a child-like excitement and enjoying the pure novelty of it all in this new place.

8. You’ll want new ‘everything’. In this shiny new home, it’s been hard not to want to throw everything out and buy all our furniture or belongings new again! I gave in with some little things like bedding, towels, curtains and kitchen accessories; however I have obviously kept most of our old things! This weird temptation to want everything else to be ‘NEW’ too is still there though, eep!

9. You’ll notice your accent more. I’m a Scouser in the heart of Devon, and boy am I noticing it now. In Liverpool I never felt my accent was very strong, but here I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb. People have been absolutely lovely though; as soon as the old lady in the local shop noticed my accent she was full of questions for me and was really welcoming. I am VERY aware of it now when I speak though!


What about you guys, have you ever moved somewhere completely new? 🙂



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