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5 Ways To Feel Like The Ultimate Babe

15th May 2017

Missguided have branched out into fragrance, and I’ve been lucky enough to bag myself one of their ‘Babe Power’ perfumes*. I was a little cynical, thinking it wouldn’t match up to my usual favourites on my fragrance shelf; but I’ll be honest – they surprised me!

The scent isn’t what I expected at all; I sprayed it on expecting super flowery/sickly sweet, but the fragrance is so much more reserved than I imagined. By that I mean, it reminds me of a gorgeous candle; you smell it instantly, and it’s warm, inviting, and you can’t get enough of sniffing it, y’know?!

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Described as vanilla and candy floss fused with an oriental fragrance of sensual musk, amber crystals and orange blossom. There’s even a hint of absinthe in this perfume! I so desperately wish I could give you a smell through my screen, because it’s truly beautiful! However, I do know Superdrug and The Fragrance Shop are stocking it – so go in and ask for a tester! I promise, it’s worth it. You can get 80ml for £25 which is a bargain compared to a lot of high end fragrances. The only slight downside for me, if that it does not last as long as some of my other perfumes maybe. But I still consider it well worth the money.

This is something I’m now wearing daily, and even my fiance is a fan! He’s noted it a few times and mentioned he likes it, so I know I’m onto a winner.

Anyway, today I thought I’d share with you the 5 things that make me feel like a BABE, through and through!


1. Wearing a pretty scent, duh. Having something pretty on your skin all day can make you feel like a queen, even if you’re just popping to Tesco.

2. A new outfit – YAY for that instant feeling of happiness, when you try on a new piece of clothing and it just feels great. This recently happened for me with a pom pom playsuit, and it makes such a difference to your mood if you’re wearing something you’re really comfortable and happy in.

3. My skills. Getting a compliment for something I’ve done really well, feels amazing. Feedback can be helpful whether good or bad; but when someone points out how you’ve rocked something – it feels incredible!

4. Hanging out with other babes. Is there anything as motivational as when you’re hanging out with really inspiring people? When you find others who rock everything they do, it can make you want to up your game, and you end up feeling all sparkly and exciting just to be with them ?

5. A good selfie. Oh they’re shameless aren’t they? Who cares! I love a good selfie, and every now and again if I manage to get a nice photo, it can make me feel so much better about myself! I can look at that babe on the screen and be like, yeaaah I’m not that bad I guess, haha.


What makes you guys feel like ultimate BABES? ?



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