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Happiness, Comparing Myself & Tweaking My ‘Brand’

13th May 2017

I’m scared to type this in case I jinx something, but… I FEEL SO HAPPY. It’s like everything is just getting better and better lately.

I’ve had this amazing burst of creativity lately, and it feels like I’ve been totally rejuvenated.

I’ve began painting again, really getting myself stuck into a canvas and covered in paint in the process. I’ve had new ideas come to me, for my blog, my artwork, my Etsy shop, for new adventures, and my social media. I’ve felt a little more in tune with myself too, whether it’s simply having a more confidence in my body (this is rare for me), or feeling up for trying new things. IT’S ALL GOING GOOD, BASICALLY.

This could be a fluke, or it could be because we’ve moved home and it feels like a lovely fresh start. Or maybe I’m starting to find where I want to go, rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing. Hell, maybe it’s everything. Either way, life is going really good at the moment and I feel so grateful (and a little bit scared it’ll all go wrong).

We’re still not rich (quite the opposite actually), I still have loads to aim for, and there’s still things I’d love to change. However, I feel as if I’m finally on the right path, like the different parts of my life are starting to line up, and that they will lead somewhere good.

The reason I’m bringing this up today (apart from just wanting to share!), is that I think my blog, my aesthetic, my Instagram, and basically my ‘brand’ might be changing – but only ever so slightly! Nothing scary, and probably nothing anyone will even see as a big deal, apart from me. But things will be tweaked.

You might have already noticed my Instagram slowly starting to change. I’m now basically vlogging on Instagram stories everyday, and sharing the ins and outs of all my new artwork. I did try to have a separate Instagram account for all my art stuff, because it didn’t quite ‘go’ with my blog/personal theme. But honestly? It’s been annoying me. I WANT to share that side of me, and I’m not quite sure why I tried to box parts of myself up into separate corners. Probably this whole ‘Instagram theme’ thing pressuring me. I’m not hating, because I actually love themes. But I think I’ve decided to change mine, to encompass everything that I’m about.

I’ve realised that the Instagram accounts I visit most, and the ones that inspire me most – are ALWAYS creative ones. Mostly Artists around the world, sharing their daily life, their processes, the behind the scenes stuff, and the finished product. (Some faves include Elisejoy, Taylorcoxart, Amy_pini, Juliabadow and Katiejoblingart). I think this is now where I’d like my own to go. That doesn’t mean it’ll be exclusively Art stuff; because if there’s one thing I’ve learned – I hate sticking to just ONE niche. But it does mean I won’t shy away from sharing all my creative adventures from now on. I’ll share snaps of paintings, I’ll create videos of my process, I’ll snap journal entries, hikes in the woods (I’m like, sooo into nature now yo), anything cute and pink will still be on there, and of course… the odd selfie.

It’s going to be filled with LIFE; all of it. Beautiful, and messy, and full of colour (that bits not changing, I’ll always be colourful!). I just can’t try to stick to a pretty, but ultimately (for me) boring flatlay thing anymore.

And it’s not just Instagram that will be tweaked. I’ll still be sharing beauty reviews, makeup looks, books and blog tips posts on here – BUT, I am going to really try focus on life updates, crafty and fun DIY projects, sharing our home decor progress, and talking about all my artwork more. I have often in the past tried not to do this as much, simply because I’ve felt like people might get tired of it, or I’ve been trying to be someone else.

When I see bloggers I love and admire; posting fun, informative beauty reviews all the time, doing fashion shoots, travelling the world or talking about handbags I could never afford – it has left me wondering if I’m doing anything right. Shouldn’t I be doing outfit photos too? Shouldn’t I be buying more makeup, instead of art supplies? (I want both, tbh.) I’ve been left feeling down about my own blog, comparison stealing away all my inspiration.

So it’s time for things to change. I’m now focusing on all the the things I love about myself and my blog, and I aim to truly celebrate myself, rather than be like someone else (as tempting as it may be).

I won’t be buying makeup just for the sake of it. I won’t be sharing beauty reviews just because it’s been a week or two since my last one. And I won’t be jumping on new purchases just because it’s ‘hot’ at the moment. Instead, I’m going to go through my large makeup collection, and share all my favourites with you guys. I’m going to try create makeup looks using only my existing products where possible, and I’m going to start really appreciating my collection. I won’t be spending money on new beauty, unless it’s something I really genuinely need, OR that I think is totally different/exciting. I will however still be accepting some beauty products from brands to review (as always, only things I’m really interested in) – because then I’m able to keep my content fresh, without spending a penny. I want to do all this because I’m starting to feel as if I hoard makeup. I have (what I consider) quite a big collection, and if I keep buying more it feels like I’m wasting money, since I’ll never use it all. So I’m going to try use up and appreciate as much of it as possible. I want to TREASURE THINGS, not just keep buying more for the sake of it. So keep an eye out for some exciting makeup looks ahead!

As for the rest of my blog content, I’m mostly excited to share everything creative and Arty with you guys! I hope that you’re excited for that too, as it truly feels like that’s where I’m supposed to be. If you have any specific requests – PLEASE do let me know! Want to know what supplies I use? Want to know where I get my inspiration? Want to see my Art journal? Want to see a step by step of a painting? Whatever it may be, ask away! 🙂


Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much for all who support my work. Xo




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