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Life This Week

21st May 2017

Is there anything better than a rambly blog post, generally chit-chatting about life and all the little things? 

Probably. But that’s what I have in store for you guys today 😉

It’s been a bloody brilliant week or two for me, and I’m feeling so damn good about everything. I’ve been painting almost everyday, and my little creations seem to be selling fairly well; I’m amazed! And eternally grateful for all the support I’ve had lately. It’s felt so wonderful to finally get to a confident place with my own work, and be able to share it all as I go. If you didn’t know already, I’ve been sharing my painting process step by step over on Instagram stories, so come follow me to keep up with new creations! Also keep an eye on my Etsy store for new paintings, prints, pocket mirrors, notebooks, and even jewellery that I’ve been creating! Cheeky little plug there <3

I’ve been getting out of the house and exploring the woodland near our home quite a lot too, and it leaves me totally exhausted. It’s great though as it’s a fantastic way to get more exercise and raise my fitness levels (which are terrible). I also plan to hike up Snowden this year at some point, so I want to make sure I can do it without dying, preferably. I feel so grateful that we live in such a beautiful place, and can take real advantage of the scenes we have on our doorstep.

We’re still trying to decorate our home little by little, buying things whenever we can and saving up for the bigger items. We’ve managed to get our new sofa sorted, and it’s currently being put together for us! We should have it delivered in the next 2 weeks, and I can’t wait to show you guys! (It’s pastel pink!). It’ll still be a while before we can afford to buy a dining table and chairs, but we’ll get there eventually. Every little step is getting us closer to our perfect home.


I’ve been thinking about my goals for May, and I think I’m doing okay-ish so far. I’ve been way more active, I’ve definitely stuck to my promise about video content on Instagram, I’ve been doing a few little DIY’s and I’m really happy with the blog posts I’ve been putting out! I just need to stick to my promise about learning something new 🙂

Other than that, my life lately has consisted of hazelnut lattes, reading, binge watching Master of None and being obsessed with Paramore’s new album.

How about you guys? How’s life treatin’ ya?




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