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May; Blogs, Life & Inspiration.

31st May 2017

For me; May has been full of new ideas, important decisions, exploring, taking chances and going back to what I truly love within blogging. I spoke about changing my own blog slightly, and how happy it has made me. I’ve started sharing MUCH more of my creative side on my blog, and especially on my Instagram. No more worrying about trying to look a certain way, or have a specific theme. I’m simply sharing my most colourful and happy self, whatever that may mean.

I also started keeping bookmarks of all my most very favourite blogs, in a folder in my browser. I’ve purposely immersed myself in the blogs that make me happiest, and focusing on keeping up with them and showing them love.

There are so many amazing blogs out there, but my favourite ones are the ones that are really personal, have a ‘homey’ sort of feel, the ones that get creative, and the ones that invite you in like a friend. It’s great to step away from that editorial/professional sort of vibe that seems to have overtook the blogging world in the past year or two.

Throughout this, I’ve been incredibly in awe of my advertisers this month, who have kept things fresh and exciting on my feed. I’ve left all their links below, with a little summary of what they’re all about. You guys should definitely give them a visit!


Dayvelle – Beautiful photography, honest words, an almost romantic/modern style of blogging. One for those looking to feel inspired, and to get back to the roots of blogging.

That British BettyAn adventurous look through everyday life, Manchester scenes, reviews & much more. Perfect if you love an all round blog with a bit of everything!

Little Miss Mel Stunning photography with a real girly style (which also continues on Mel’s Instagram!), predominantly beauty posts with interesting topics, and honest/real reviews.

Country Mouse Claire – A fun and honest travel & lifestyle blog; with food reviews, books, London life & so much more too. (Psst, Claire’s a babe!)

Blooming ElAn almost diary-like feel to this blog that you can’t help but fall for. Filled with happiness, lifestyle posts, El’s adventures and travel inspired content. One for everyone!

At The Beauty DeskSarah’s blog is a complete journey through her honest life; filled with lifestyle posts, beauty reviews and features, food, travel and more!

The Penguin Patrol The Penguin Patrol is such an amazing and unique one stop shop for all penguin lovers! Selling plushies, stationery, homeware & more! Perfect if you need a special gift for someone.

Lottie DoesA colourful, Disney filled blog for happiness, lifestyle, food & so much more! This is amazing for anyone who loves quirky blogs with personality shining through.

Emily Underworld – Rainbow-haired goddess writing about beauty, life, books, music, fashion & more! Perfect if you love a little of everything all in one blog!

Love And Other Awesome Stuff – AJ is such an amazing person, and her blog is a true representation of that! Full of fun lifestyle posts, honest life updates, her love for Harry Potter & so much more.

Get To The Front – Obsessed with keeping up with your fave music artists? YASSS. You need to check out Get To The Front for up to date announcements on gigs, tours, music reviews & so much more! The perfect stop for all superfans.



I’d be so grateful if you guys would check out my advertisers this month, as they have been so supportive to me!

Thank you all so much, and let’s hope next month is a good one for us all! 🙂




*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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