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The Perfect Night In Essentials*

15th May 2017

If I had to choose, I’m much more of an ‘stay in’ sort of girl. I know, it’s not cool or flashy or very Instagram; but it’s the truth. I love a good night out with my faves every now and again, but I’m basically happiest staying at home tucked away, or inviting friends around to watch movies and laugh. I feel much more like myself then.

On top of that, after such a hectic moving process, and having SO much to do in the new home; it’s little surprise that I haven’t been out to explore Plymouth yet really. I’m sure I will very soon, but for now I’ve concentrated on unpacking every last box, trying to arrange everything, buying new furniture, and ‘nesting’ a little bit.

So anyway, last week the lovely folk over at Chicago Town Pizza got in touch; asking if Gary and I would like them to treat us to a night in with their yummy new Takeaway flavour range – and I of course said yes! If there’s another excuse to make meal times easier after a hard days work; I’m all for it!

This got me thinking about the PERFECT night in essentials, and what that means to me. So I thought today I’d share some of my 5 top must-have choices for a really great evening 🙂


1. Great food. Obviously this is top of the list! Pizza is a classic, and it’s for damn good reason. Chicago Town are one of my favourite brands to buy, as the taste and quality is amazing, and for a fraction of the price you’d pay for ordering takeout. When Chicago Town heard we had recently moved, they kindly offered to give us some samples of their new Takeaway flavours; Pulled Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Feast*. As you can imagine, we’ve been surrounded by boxes, and unpacking and setting up our home is a long process, so it’s been wonderful at the end of the day to have a yummy meal waiting for us! I love all things chicken, so the pulled buffalo chicken pizza was my absolute fave, and Gary loved the BBQ feast most! That worked out well, so there was no squabbling over slice, haha! Team with a glass of wine and some ice cream for after, and you’ve got yourself a WINNER of a night in.

2. DVD’s/Netflix. I tend to favour comedy movies like I Love You Man, Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up. Or TV shows that never fail to make me laugh, like The Office, Parks and Rec, or Brooklyn Nine Nine. However if I’m feeling serious, my favourite movie of all time is still Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, and I thoroughly recommend it!

3. Drinks. If you fancy something alcoholic, a lovely glass of wine goes down a treat for me. If not, why not make some fun mocktails? You can get really creative, make something super yummy and you might even bag yourself a blog post in the process! (double win.)

4. Pampering products. For me the pamper night essentials used to be bath bombs before anything else. However these days we only have a shower in this new house, noooo! Tbh, I’m not that arsed because our new shower is bloody amazing. Anyway, so other loves of mine would be a good moisturiser, cute nail polishes, a face mask, and adorable pajamas of course!

5. Good company. There’s nothing more than I love than having a fun night in with Gary, tucking into a pizza, enjoying a bottle of wine, and taking it easy. However some of my most hilarious memories with friends have also been when we’ve all hung out casually at home and having a giggle! As long as you’re with good company, that’s all that matters 🙂


What about you guys, what are your perfect night in essentials? 🙂




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