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23 Happy Things In June

16th June 2017

We’re only halfway through June, but already it’s been a very happy month for me! I feel like I’m at my most positive and happy right now, and wanted to share some of the things that have been making me smile.

I hope you guys enjoy!

1. New pink sofa! It came, it’s beautiful, I’m happy.

2. I think I’ve met all of Gary’s family now finally (after 6 years!), and they’re lovely.

3. My inspiration is soaring, I’m full of new ideas all the time!

4. I’ve started planting things in the garden, and even though it’s small; it feels wonderful to have this little space.

5. Sending out care packages to Girl Gang members, friends and family has become a regular thing for me now, & it’s lovely!

6. Going on a beauty spending ban means I’ve enjoyed using up my collection of products and appreciated them more.

7. Lots more ‘outside time’ away from a desk, and it’s doing me wonders. Gary and I are making hikes a regular thing.

8. My Instagram just hit 10 thousand followers – Yay!

9. You may have noticed I dyed my hair from blue to purple. I’m loving it!

10. Also my hair is growing so much quicker, and it’s in much better condition than last year.

11. I’ve had some really great painting commissions to work on this month (email for requests).

12. I feel so much happier about my blog lately.

13. I’ve got back into regular reading.

14. My mum is hopefully visiting in a few weeks, and she will finally see our forever home!

15. I hit 20,000 followers on Twitter, OMG YAY!

16. I have lots of DIY inspiration, and I’ve started some cute little projects this month.

17. I got a handwritten letter from a friend and it was SO, so lovely to hear from ‘home’.

18. Okay this technically happened in May BUT I met my first other blogger here in Plymouth!

19. The kitties are getting on better than ever, and cuddle up all the time now, aww!

20. I’ve started organising my wardrobe more, and finding a style that feels more ‘me’.

21. I have perfected the office and made a pretty work space for myself, finally!

22. I got two really awesome compliments from fellow artists I admire.

23. I have my first ever Plymouth blog event lined up for next month.


What’s been making you guys smile this month? 🙂





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