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Electric Ink Tattoo Care & Giveaway

13th June 2017

I don’t know how many tattoos I have.

Kind of an odd statement isn’t it? But here’s the thing, it’s a hard thing to pin down. I think if I were really pushed for an answer I’d say 12. But the reason I’m unsure, is because there were more like 15 individual tattoos, but a few of them have began joining up! Does that make sense?

There’s the trail of lilies that started on my lower calf, and I had extended up to my thigh. There are the three black stars which are now surrounded my more stars, diamonds, sparkles, swirling patterns and a lightening bolt all over my forearm. Each I guess, is it’s own tattoo, but they’ve started to become part of one big piece of art. So yeah, I have around 12, or so, but I guess it depends how you see it.

My tattoos are a part of me, and I love them. Each and every one means something to me. Not in the way that people ask, ‘What does this one mean?‘ (I hate that question just FYI). Most of mine have no intentional meaning from the moment I got them; only one (the one on my thigh, pictured above).

But they each have other meanings to me. Each takes me back to a different time in my life, to specific moments, to what led me there, and brought me here today. A trail of ink telling different stories of who I used to be, and who I am now. There’s one that reminds me of an old friend, there’s one that makes me feel sad for who I was when I got it, but serves as a hugely important reminder to me for how far I’ve come. There’s one that always makes me smile, when I remember the day I got it, who I was with, and how it felt.

So my tattoos are part of my skin, and they become the ‘everyday’ for me. I barely even see them anymore to be honest, I forget they’re there, but I wear them with love and pride each day. I know they’re not for everyone, and that’s fine! But mine have helped me love myself more, and so I love them even more.

The reason I’m talking all things tattoo today, is because Superdrug have recently launched a new collection from Electric Ink* and I was kindly sent out the products to try for myself. I’ve been using these products for the past five weeks, so I feel confident now sharing my full thoughts on the whole range with you guys!

The Electric Ink range includes Defining body oil, Vibrancy serum and Daily moisturiser. Each is formulated to bring your ink to life, keep it looking it’s absolute best, and helping make the vibrancy last longer. I haven’t seen anything like this in typical high street shops before, and was really intrigued!

Here are my thoughts on each of the products in the set:

Defining body oil: This body oil is perfect for anyone really wanting their tattoos on display, as it glosses over and adds real shine to your skin. I’ve found this perfect for helping tattoos really show up in photos, so this is the product I’d suggest for photographing your tats, or even wearing for a night out and getting a really striking effect. This contains white lupin seed extract which helps the skins elasticity and firmness too!

Vibrancy serum: This is definitely my favourite product of all three, and the one I’ve come to absolutely treasure. The vibrancy serum really helps show the lines and colours of my tattoos, and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth. My usual body moisturisers are great for making my skin look and feel good, but my tattoos don’t tend to ‘shine through’. I’d come to accept this really, as I’m still helping them by moisturising at least. I’ve found with the vibrancy serum they always have that ‘freshly inked’ look to them, YAY!

Daily moisturiser: The daily moisturiser is a wonderful way to nourish skin and really protect your skin ink, however I found I still preferred the vibrancy serum to this. I do imagine this would be absolutely perfect for anyone who has oilier skin than I, but since mines pretty dry I love sticking to the serum for more intense moisture and shine!

Overall I think the collection is amazing, and it’s so nice to see products like this become part of a big high street store like Superdrug. I definitely noticed my tattoos looked more vibrant for longer using these products against my usual skincare, and I’d happily buy these again. The Vibrancy Serum is absolutely my favourite, and the one I’d suggest to people if they were unsure on the whole set. I also like that these products are designed for people with fresh OR old tattoos, in order to help keep them looking awesome.

And now – a giveaway! 🙂

I’m giving away the entire set, for one lucky reader. All you have to do, is leave a comment below on this blog post. SIMPLES. A winner will be selected at random on 24th June, and I’ll get it all mailed off to you within a few days. PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR TWITTER HANDLE AND EMAIL IN THE COMMENT! 🙂 I need to make sure I can contact you of course!

So let me know what you guys think, and good luck! x




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