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18th June 2017

If you read my recent blog post about my favourite Art supplies, you’ll know I love a good stationery haul. I’m obsessed with markers, multi-purpose tools, and anything bright and colourful to keep me inspired throughout the variety of work I do.

Uniball recently contacted me to see if I wished to try out some of their awesome range, to celebrate the relaunch of their website which has had an awesome makeover! Uniball now have a full showcase of all their products, so you can get the lowdown on all the best art, craft and stationery supplies for your next project!

Most people who watch my Instagram stories of me painting and working on various artwork; have already commented on the fact I always use Posca pen markers, and it’s for good reason. Uniball seen that I was a fan, and sent me out a whole range of Posca pens to try out, including ones I hadn’t been able to get my hands on before!

Posca pens are markers which work like paint, giving such full colour pigmentation and work well on a variety of surfaces. You can use them on glass, wood, card, plastic, fabric, canvas and of course paper. They are the most vibrant, awesome markers and they won’t ‘bleed’ through when working on illustrations either!

My favourite thing about these Posca pens, is that they come in a range of sizes and nibs, for whatever I might need them for. Some have brush nibs to give a real hand painted affect, some are super thin and sharp nibs for precise, detailed work, and others are nice chunky markers perfect for big, bold and colourful pieces. You simply shake them and go!

I use these on almost every painting I create now; working with them to add pretty detail or work in extra layers over my paint.

I was also lucky enough to receive Uniball’s fine tip drawing pens, which are absolutely PERFECT for illustrative work. These also come in a range of sizes, nibs and colours, offering precise and beautiful work. Stationery geeks like myself will love these, and they have made my life so much easier.

Whether I’m drawing out custom header designs for people, portraits, or working on my zine (yes, zine!!), they are the perfect tools for drawing with. Many people already know this, but I would never dream of drawing with pencils, I much prefer pens. And Uniball’s range offers a professional touch, even for the most unsure of beginners.

I thoroughly recommend everyone visit Uniball’s website and geek out over their amazing range! Get drawing, get creative and get inspired! 🙂




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