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W7 Delicious Palette

30th June 2017
Delicious W7 palette

w7 palette delicious

When I seen this beautiful new palette from W7 going on sale last week; I knew I had to have it. I don’t treat myself to anything EVER these days, but the colours and price were screaming out at me! Introducing the ‘Delicious’ palette from W7. A wonderful combination of natural and berry toned shades, perfect for those wanting to dip their toes into bolder colours. This priced at £12.95, which is one of the cheapest palettes I’ve ever bought. But is it worth purchasing?

Delicious W7 palette

First of all, let’s acknowledge straight away that this is a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. It just clearly IS. As someone who just CANNOT afford such brands; I’m SO so glad to have a cheaper dupe to explore new shades and combinations with. Maybe the quality isn’t be as good as ABH, which I totally expect, but I’m judging this as a stand alone product since I haven’t tried the Modern Renaissance palette.

There are 14 shades in this palette, with a combination of matte and shimmer, light and dark.

I’d say for me personally, there are about 7 shades in the W7 Delicious palette that I absolutely don’t have anywhere else, and the rest I probably do. So half of this palette has new and exciting territory for me, and the rest are back ups for neutral shades I wear daily, so still not completely wasted. I was most excited to try out the berry and burned orange shades in this palette; as I’ve really come to embrace warm tones on my eyes in the past year. I used to think I was made for cool tones; but when I look back over photos, I always look better in warmer shades! You live and you learn.

I’ve swatched each shade on my arm below; showing the top row of the palette, then the bottom; so you can see how all 14 shades look on pale, fair skin like mine.

The very first shade in the palette, top left; doesn’t even show on my skin! It’s an exact match and so therefore a bit useless for me. I’d have loved to have had a sparkling white here instead, to make the inner corners of my eyes pop. But it’s fine to use as a base for the other colours, so all is not lost.

As I expected, I fell in love with the deeper, darker tones so much more then the neutrals. They really show up nicely on my skin, especially the two berry tones and brick orange shades. I only wish this palette had names for each individual shade! I know it doesn’t make much of a difference, but I do like that in a palette tbh.

W7 palette delicious

The shimmer’s aren’t very ‘shimmery’, but the mattes are truly beautiful, and I was really happy with the pigmentation. Overall for less than £13, I’m totally happy with this palette and glad I bought it. I’ve been wearing it daily to create a range of makeup looks, and it really is quite versatile. Whether I want to try subtle day to day looks, or something much more dramatic; it gives me everything I need. Probably not one for those who enjoy cooler tones, or shimmers that really glow though!


What about you guys? What do you think of the W7 Delicious palette?





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