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10 Favourite Ways To Spend My Free Time

27th July 2017

While I adore sharing this blog with you guys, and connecting over all my various social media; I’m very aware that you’re only seeing a tiny snippet of my life. Sometimes this is a great thing (no one needs to see me slobbing on the sofa in pjs), but sometimes I do find myself wishing I could share some other things more.

I’m trying to get in the habit of vlogging a bit more on Instagram stories, but for now there’s still a lot of time away from social media where you don’t see me. So I thought today I’d share with you guys my top 10 favourite ways to spend my free time. Whenever I’ve gotten all my work done, these are my go-to activities and the things I love to do day or night.

So settle in and enjoy reading about what I get up to behind this screen!


1. Blogging.

The obvious one. I thought I’d get this out of the way immediately. Yes, when my work is finished I absolutely love working on this blog, and the hours I put into it are endless. I’m constantly writing post ideas, planning content out on my schedule, and trying to make this place just PERFECT for you guys.

2. Reading.

I’ve done SO well the past few months, after going through a dry spell with reading. Last year I was terrible for starting books and never finishing them, or not reading at all; so I wanted 2017 to be very different. I’ve rekindled my love for books, and not a day passes when I don’t spend at least half an hour reading now. I’m currently on Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (I haven’t read them in yeaaaars!), and I’ll be diving into my first Agatha Christie when I’ve finished! Oh, I’ve also rejoined Goodreads – yay!

3. Painting.

You all know painting is a huge part of my life. Whether it be working on a custom piece for someone, or creating something for myself; it’s one of my main passions and it makes me so happy. I love abstract work most, as I try to connect with the canvas and create pieces that represent emotions and feelings; which then hopefully translate to the viewer. Listening to music and painting for hours is my happy place.

4. Hiking.

Who knew that would ever be on my list?! However going on hikes with Gary has been one of my favourite things about moving to Plymouth. We have forests and moors just on our doorstep, so there’s plenty of places to go exploring. I’m terribly unfit, so we go slow, but it’s so much fun! I can feel myself slowly getting stronger too, which is amazing. Getting the perfect insoles for hiking is so important too!

5. Binge watching Netflix.

Who doesn’t love binge watching their favourite shows over and over again?! Top of my list always includes Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, The Office, Parks and Rec and Gilmore Girls. Feel free to suggest me some more in the comments!

6. Photographing.

Whether it’s for blog posts or my Instagram, I love taking photographs! Planning out photo content and trying to create something pretty is THE BEST. I’m definitely not saying I’m any good at it; but man I enjoy it! My favourite thing to do is take LOADS of Instagram photos at once, edit them, and have them ready to post each day. It makes me feel super organised.

7. Shopping with Gary.

I don’t think many people enjoy shopping with their other half, but I love it! Gary may pretend to moan, but he always makes me laugh while shopping, is super helpful when deciding on outfits, and he always finds things he knows I’ll love. We don’t treat ourselves often to anything we don’t need, but when we do; it’s the most fun!

8. Baking.

Let me start by saying I am AWFUL at baking! I really am. I try so hard, but something always seems to go wrong and everything I try to bake turns out sort of crappy. Even if I manage to get it tasting yummy, chances are it will look awful; or vice versa. But still, I love to try! I stick to the easy recipes though.

9. Playing with makeup.

Oh my god, that feeling of sitting at my dressing table with all my makeup organised and ready to play with – SO GOOD. I love to try challenge myself to do special makeup looks, or try something new as often as possible. It’s the most fun ever, and I can’t see me ever getting bored of it. In fact this makes me want to do this right now…

10. Doing a bit of DIY.

Not the nails, hammering, or smashing kind mind you. The pretty, fanciful, Pinterest kind is much more me! I looove searching Pinterest for the cutest little home DIY’s to try; even if it’s simple. Upcycling furniture, decorating household objects, displaying Art in new ways – it makes me so happy to try them all out! I need to make more time for this actually.


What do you guys like to do in your spare time? 🙂



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