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15 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mind, Body & Spirit

6th July 2017

Sometimes we have those days where we need a little extra love, or we can feel like we’re totally run down inside and out. Taking the time to look after ourselves is so important, and can make a world of difference.

Today I’m sharing my favourite tips for looking after your mind, body & spirit. I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Clear your schedule; get rid of all responsibilities and take time off. Even just one day can make a great difference.

2. Keep a list of compliments people give you. You’ll appreciate it on dark days.

3. Get lost in a book you know and love, for a few hours.

4. Ask 3 friends (or family/partner/etc) to tell you why they love you. Really listen and take it in.

5. Reflect on your achievements, and think about what future goals you’d like to work towards.


6. Go for a long walk. Don’t set a destination or goal, simply walk and appreciate your surroundings.

7. Meditate or do yoga. Whether it’s light or intensive, pushing your body will make you appreciate all you can do.

8. Cut out junk food for one week, see how it feels!

9. Try to get outside everyday, even just for 15 minutes (especially if you work from home!).

10. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual. Chances are, you need it.


11. Take ten minutes each day for a dance party; you’ll feel silly at first but will feel SO GOOD after it!

12. Volunteer somewhere. Whether at an animal shelter or care home, you’ll feel so good contributing.

13. Make time for creative projects often. Draw, paint, sew, write, or do some DIY.

14. Compliment strangers or take the time to really thank people in customer service roles.

15. Set your favourite, happiest photo as your phone/laptop wallpaper. It’ll make you smile all the time!


What tips would you guys add? 🙂




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