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2 New Favourite Beauty Tools

21st July 2017

As well as hoarding makeup, wanting to buy endless eyeshadow paletteis and pretty much stocking up lipsticks like the world is ending; I do love to try out new beauty tools which assist me in my day to day routine or help me look a little better even on the roughest of mornings!

Recently I had the pleasure of testing out new treats which were kindly sent out to me, and two of them stood out from the rest easily!

Embryolisse Radiant Eye Stick*

My eyes are an area I’m really now trying to take care of and concentrate on, especially since I’ll be 30 next year (eek!). When I smile I get little lines in the corner of my eyes, and I have constant dark circles underneath too (plenty of concealer is a day to day norm for me). So I was quite pleased when trying out the Embryolisse Radiant Eye Stick; as I’ve found it to be so helpful for perking up even the most tired eyes. This nifty little stick is used to moisturise around the eyes, to smooth the contours of the eyes and brighten skin. I’ve been using this especially under my eyes on my dark circles, and have found it does definitely perk them up instantly! It applies really cool to the skin (which can help puffy eyes too!) and feels like an oil; except it sinks in and dries within seconds. There is no greasy residue left behind, and my makeup applies beautifully over the top. Even just for the gentle, cool touch alone I’ve enjoyed this, as it’s an instant wake up call for me after struggling out of bed! Let’s hope it helps keep the crows feet at bay too.

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner*

As someone who can describe herself as ‘okay at best’ when it comes to lip liner; I was intrigued by the No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner from Know Cosmetics. It takes all of my concentration when it comes to lip liner, and I still often come away looking like a clown. However this invisible liner is a god send for noobs like me! It’s a clear nib, on a normal looking liner pencil which you simply twist to bring up, and you apply as you would normal lip liner. The difference is, it works even better by creating an invisible barrier for your lipstick, meaning you can go wrong. You can create that perfect cupids bow in your lip without anyone seeing your liner; meaning it doesnt have to be absolutely perfect and you can keep correcting it until you get it right – yay! It’s waterproof, long lasting and stops lipstick from feathering. I’m pretty damn happy with this one.


Have you guys tried either of these tools yet? 🙂




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