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7 Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To

28th July 2017

Love or hate ’em; podcasts are big again. They started off big, then sort of died out, and now they’re huger than ever. People turn to podcasts for entertainment, news, inspiration, and so much more. Because podcasts don’t stop you from whatever other tasks you may be doing, and you can still focus on both; they are perfect for all day/night consumption. And let’s face it, these days we never stop. We’re busier than ever as a society and taking time off to sit and watch stuff is done rarer, and in a more binge-worthy fashion. So podcasts are the busy gals dream! Aka me.

Today I thought I’d feature some of my all time favourite podcasts for you guys. I have LOADS more I could talk about, but let’s just stick to these seven for now…


S Town –

I think I started listening to S Town on the recommendation of Kirsty, and OMG I’m so glad I did! It starts off with this reporter looking into an apparent crime that’s happened in a place dubbed ‘Shit Town’; and leads to be something completely different. It was moving, fascinating, and lingered with me long afterwards. I thoroughly implore you all to listen.

Reply All – 

This is my go-to easy listening one; y’know, when I’m pottering around the house, drawing, or whatever. To use it’s official description, ‘its about people who shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people’ – which is a pretty damn perfect way to describe the show. You might think, a show all about the internet? But it goes onto new topics all the time, and can be really funny and interesting! The best thing is throughout 99% of this podcast you can dip in and out of episodes, you don’t have to start at the beginning.

Mystery Show –

Oh god. Mystery Show. I’m not sure I even have the right words for this… nothing will do it justice. Probably my favourite podcast since Serial, maybe even more than that! Mystery Show is brought to you by Starlee Kine (cool name); and she promises to solve a new mystery each week. It could be anything from figuring out Jake Gyllenhaal’s REAL accurate height (and going to great lengths to solve this), or trying to find the owner of a belt buckle that had been found by someone else, years and years before. Sounds crazy, right? Fuck. Guys. Just listen to it, PLEASE. It gives me chills to think about. The real treasure with this podcast is how Starlee gets people to open up and talk, often random characters she just unexpectedly comes across, and before you know it we have their life story. And it’s BEAUTIFUL. The only downer??? It got cancelled – and there are thousands of fans still baffled by this, but we keep hope that it’ll come back somehow. But anyway, GO LISTEN.

Gilmore Guys –

This is very new for me, I’m SO behind the times! I only started listening to this recently, and already I love it! If you don’t know of Gilmore Guys yet; it’s two friends watching each episode of Gilmore Girls from the very beginning, and discussing it in depth. For any GG fan, it’s entertaining, interesting and a great one to binge! I’m already a fan of this sort of podcast anyway, as I also listen to a Simpsons one like this (Talking Simpsons).

Made Online –

This one’s brought to you by a fellow blogger, and a personal fave of mine; Hayley from London Beauty Queen. Each episode, Hayley talks to inspiring souls who have launched their brand/business/idea online and found success in one way or another. It’s absolutely fascinating to listen to (especially the first episode with Jane from British Beauty Blogger!) and really makes you feel motivated if you’re in a similar field of work. I truly love how Hayley gives the podcast direction and focuses on such interesting topics, whilst still letting the guest take over and make it their own; discussing all the nitty gritty details of working online. Definitely one for when I need motivation/reassurance!

Ctrl Alt Delete –

Another one from a blogger, writer, and true inspiration! Emma Gannon’s podcast has blown up; and for good reason too. People like Matt Haig, Lena Dunham, Sali Hughes, Zoella, Elizabeth Gilbert and SO MANY MORE have appeared on this podcast to be interviewed. Although the conversation can differ greatly (with awesome results) it mainly focuses on growing up online, and how the internet and social media is shaping us all.

TEDTalks – 

Oh my gosh do I hella love a Ted Talk. Now, don’t get me wrong; if I can watch the videos online I usually do that instead. However whenever I’m busy painting, doing the dishes, ironing, whatever!; I do like to play some of these fascinating talks. You can dip in and out of episodes and focus on topics that may interest you more than others; so there’s always something for everyone. I tend to gravitate more towards inspirational talks, or downright geeky science!


What podcasts do you guys listen to?

PSSST! Remember Gary and I used to do a podcast?? Well, it’s in the works again! We’re planning content, and taking it serious this time. We’ll be knuckling down in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled….




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