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8 Things I’ve Learned After 4 Years Blogging

10th July 2017

During this wild ride of blogging, I’ve learned quite a few things already. I recently celebrated a few milestones for this blog, and it got me thinking about how far I’ve come.

So I thought today I’d share with you guys 8 things I’ve learned about blogging so far, during my experiences in this little community.

1. There are ups and downs.

Sometimes you’ll think blogging is the most important thing in the world, and other times you’ll not give two hoots. You’ll go through different stages with blogging, and we’ve all been there. Let’s hope the good outweighs the bad though! (Tip for making sure there are more ups than downs: focus on yourself, stop worrying about everyone else).

2. My creativity is endless.

Who knew four years later I’d still be brimming with blog post ideas?! I honestly thought I’d run out of inspiration after a few months, yet here we are! If you use life as inspiration, you’ll never be short of ideas. Plus Pinterest helps.

3. The community can be amazing.

You’ll go to events and find so many local pals, and you’ll be amazed at how many new friends you can make! I’m still so grateful that blogging has opened me up to all these wonderful people, and I treasure having such an awesome hobby/job that brings such good people in my life. Even if you only talk to people online, you’ll feel so welcomed and part of it.

4. The community can be ruthless.

There are also times when everyone makes you sad, there’s a new Twitter drama unfolding, and you find out your ‘friends’ are slagging you off in a Whatsapp chat. SIGH. It can be shit, tbh. Try not to get too wrapped up in the online world, step away every now and again, and keep good friends close by.

5. I have some impressive skills.

Over the past four years my tech knowledge, HTML skills, photography and creative writing have improved dramatically! Not to mention the social skills I’ve gained from all those events. I’m so grateful and happy with how I’ve progressed, and I’m learning all the time thanks to having a blog.

6. My blog makes a difference.

My blog got me a job in social media, when I had no previous experience or qualifications. It still bagged me that great opportunity, so it makes a difference! I’ve also had people message me telling them that something I wrote really resonated with them, or changed their mind about something. Don’t underestimate the power of the written word.

7. Rules annoy me.

I really hate when there seems to be a general consensus about how bloggers should write/be in the community. Or rules that dictate how blogging should be done. There are many of us that have made this their job, and sure we have to then keep certain things in mind if we want to keep it that way. However, I do think a lot of the time that the blogging community (or TWITTER blogging community I should say) forgets that for a damn well lot of people, this is just a fun hobby. And y’know what that means? They can do whatever the hell they want! I seen someone tweet last week saying bloggers should be interacting on Twitter with each other. Why? Who said this had to be a rule? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the type of girl who LOVES doing this. But I damn well won’t be told that I HAVE TO. If I wanted to go silent on Twitter/delete it for the next two years, I bloody well can! For some, blogging is a very solitary hobby, and that’s not a bad thing.

8. Promoting yourself is all about confidence.

And you’ll probably find it tricky at first, but you’ll get over it! The more confidence you have the better, when it comes to promoting. I mean, you’e more likely to read an appealing title full of confidence on a subject, than something like, ‘Umm well I wrote a thing but it’s probably not any good but ok here we are’ – Right?! So shout about that new post, tell people its awesome and tweet about why people should immediately go read it! 🙂


What things have you guys learned about blogging?




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