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Glo Minerals Beauty and Skincare Range

25th July 2017

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Glo-Minerals; a makeup and skincare range which was completely new to me. I hadn’t heard of any of their products before, but everything looked nice enough; so I decided to trial it out and see what they had to offer.

I thought I’d share my thoughts today with you guys, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think too!


Clear complexion pads* (£35.95)

I’ll start by getting the pads out of the way; as these are the only product I feel I can’t fully comment on their performance. These pads are created for acne prone skin more than anything, and I’ve been lucky enough to never suffer with acne. I may have sensitive skin, a blemish or two every now and again, and dry spots I battle with; but acne has never been a problem for me thankfully. So I definitely can’t appreciate the pads in all their glory, or comment on whether the price is worth it, sorry! However, I can say I’ve been using these as part of my daily routine and they definitely leave my skin feeling clean, clear, soft and nourished with every single use.

Suede matte lip crayon* (£14.50)

This is easily my favourite product of all! I have never ever used a lip crayon that was so perfect for me before, and I can definitely see me sticking to these from Glo Minerals. Why? The crayon is super soft and creamy in formula, and applies smoothly across my lips. It’s a matte crayon yet leaves my lips feeling nourished, and not at all dried out. I have this in the shade ‘Crush’ which is a slightly orange tinted red. It’s a powerful shade that screams Summer, and looks great on my pale skin tone. The staying power of this crayon is pretty impressive too; I found it lasted around 5 hours. There’s also a handy sharpener included in the lid, perfect! I love this and would definitely recommend it to a friend, especially since I think the price is a bargain too!

Purifying gel cleanser* (£24.95)

I have been using the gel cleanser everyday (for the past 4 weeks) as part of my typical skincare routine, and have found it really useful so far. It’s super gentle on the skin which is great for sensitive soda like myself, and I’ve found it leaves my face feeling really moisturised too, especially in places I usually have dry skin. This is apparently great for fighting acne too, so might be worth a try if you do suffer with it. I’ve loved how easily it cleans my whole face in one swoop, and it truly does feel nourished after each use. I think the price is definitely fair, and I’d happily pay this again.

Elemental eye collection palette* (£35.95)

If you’re after a great subtle everyday palette, this baby from Glo Minerals is perfect. The palette includes eight shades in matte and shimmer, of nude shades from light to dark. The pigmentation is incredible and the eyeshadow is really buttery, applying smoothly across the lid. It’s great for those who want an day to night palette, or for those who love creating smoky eyes. I do think there could be more shades included for the price of this palette, and personally I would have loved to have seen a pop of colour in here. So great product, but I’m not 100% sure on the price for it.

Tinted primer SPF 30* (£35.00)

Let me start by saying how much I DIDN’T expect to like this product so much! I’m typically someone who loves FULL coverage foundation, and a really flawless finish. I like hiding my freckles, and have been known to still wear a full face even on the hottest of days in Summer. However, this tinted primer has now become my go-to on warmer days. I cant believe a tinted primer is enough coverage for me, but somehow this perfect formula has really made me enjoy a more natural look! This mattifying primer can be used as a base before foundation, or worn alone; and I’ve found I really enjoy wearing this alone. It applies so beautifully, leaving my skin feeling really soft to touch, and adds enough sheer colour to hide my uneven skin tone. I don’t mind that my freckles show through, and it feels so light on my face that it’s perfect during Summer. It’s also helped my eye makeup really stay in place too, which is a bonus! I would absolutely buy this product again and again, and I’m happy with the price of it.

Overall I think Glo Minerals have a fantastic range of beauty and skincare; with something for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie to beauty and want the basics, or an expert looking for a professional product to tackle something specific; Glo Minerals have something for you. I’ve found these particular products to be mostly great, with simply the eyeshadow palette not being top of my hit list. I will say that every single product feels like high quality, and professional throughout. My favourite is definitely the lip crayon, and I can’t explain how deeply I love this already! I’ll be collecting the other shades ASAP.


Have you guys ever tried Glo Minerals?




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