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August Treatbox

21st August 2017

I’m a little late with this post; I usually have my Treatbox reviews out right at the start of the month, as soon as they arrive! So please forgive me for taking my time with this one, I’ve had a very busy few weeks. But let’s dive right in and see what special treats are in store for the August Treatbox!…

This month the theme was based all around Tea, Coffee & Cake; something quite new for Treatbox. Some of my favourite previous themes have including the bee themed month, fairytales and the nautical/sea theme! Treatbox always do something completely different each month, with special items and products inside that compliment each theme. You could get anything ranging from homeware, stationery, beauty products/treatments, sweets, fairy lights, jewellery and so much more!

This month’s Treatbox* included the following;

  • A pack of 4 cute geometric design fridge magnets
  • An adorable print
  • A carrot cake recipe
  • A daily planner
  • 2 Clipper tea samples
  • A biscuit coaster
  • One of two cotton tea towel designs
  • Vanilla flavoured iced cookie

I feel like this month’s theme is very kitchen themed! As well as the obvious things like the tea towel, tea samples and fridge magnets; I will also be keeping the daily planner in the kitchen so Gary and I can plan out our days and know what we each have going on! I also think the print would look amazing displayed near our mugs and kettle! It reads, ‘You can’t start an adventure without a cup of tea first’. I absolutely love this! I’m mostly a coffee girl, but I can also enjoy a great cup of tea often too.

The biscuit coaster is probably my favourite product in the box, as our dining room has a yellow theme, with yellow coasters; so this goes perfect! It looks super cute and definitely something a bit different.

I also absolutely ADORE the daily planner. As a stationery nerd, I always appreciate there’s usually a notebook, pad, stickers or some other cute stationery product in most Treatboxes! This planner has all the days of the weeks laid out (still in keeping with the tea and coffee theme of course), and there are pages upon pages within the pad. There are easily a at least 6 month’s worth in this one pad, so it’ll be handy for a long time!

I love the tea towel design, its so funny how the light green is a match for our kitchen too! It’s like the lovely Zoe over at Treatbox just KNEW my kitchen and dining room colours, haha. I love little accessories like this for homeware, it really brings a space together.

The only thing in this month’s box I probably won’t use, sadly!, is the carrot cake recipe. Not because I don’t want to, and not because it doesnt sound amazing – but simply because I’m terrible at baking haha! I try my hardest, but struggle with even the simplest of baking tasks to be honest. Gary’s much better than me though, so I’ll see if he’ll take a whack at it! 🙂

Treatbox costs £12.95 a month if you subscribe, and you ALWAYS get products worth more than that. Zoe takes the time and care to make sure each box is beautifully presented and filled with love too. Each box arrives promptly on the 1st of the month, and they fit through the letterbox too! No more missing parcels, yay! Treatbox are one of my all time favourite small businesses, and I truly love to support them. If you’d like to champion small biz too, hop on over and check them out!


*I was sent my Treatbox for review, and all words and opinions are 100% my own. I did not get paid for this review – I truly just love Treatbox! 🙂


*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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