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5 Things We Still Need For Our Perfect Home

25th September 2017

In just over one month, we’ll have been living here in our Plymouth home for six months. Six damn months! Can you believe it?! Well, you probably can actually. For me though it feels like the time has absolutely flown by, and I’m still just settling in here.

Our home is ‘finished but also… not really. So we obviously unpacked, started organising each room, decorating a little, and buying new furniture. We have everything we need, and I guess to any visitor it does seem like the jobs done. However we’re at that stage where we are happy with our home as it is for right now, but this isn’t the long haul dream home plan. I have so many things I still want to change and plan for, and it’s going to be a long ongoing project for the next year or so I imagine.

I’m sure when we hit the six month mark, I’ll share a full tour with photographs of our home; as I know so many of you have asked for this! For now though, I thought I’d share some of the awesome plans I still have to come for our little home.

5 Things we still need for our perfect home:


1. The cosy armchair

We have our perfect, pretty, pink sofa which I absolutely LOVE; but I’m still to find the perfect armchair. We could have got the matching armchair to go with the sofa, but truthfully I don’t want things to match that much. I want our living room to be a mix of pastels, white and gold; so I’m hoping to find a mint coloured armchair that won’t break the bank!

2. The walk in Wardrobes

Our wardrobe situation at the moment is a complete MESS. We actually have a great space, but we just aren’t utilising it well at all. I’ve been admiring these walk in wardrobes of dreams from Urban Wardrobes* and I’ve decided that’ll be our big investment with this house. Everything else is done in terms of big projects, and we’re so lucky in that sense. I am determined to cultivate a beautiful wardrobe space for us though, so this is top of my list for next year.

3. Curtains and rugs

This is specifically for the living room to be honest. Remember I said I’m waiting on the perfect armchair to find me? Well, because of that I’ve held off buying pastel curtains and a rug too. I don’t know what shades to buy until I know what armchair I’m getting! Grrr. Basically everything depends on the chair, haha. Got any suggestions of pastel armchairs that won’t leave me broke? Comment below!

4. A fresh colour of paint

I have decided in the past two weeks that I’m all about YELLOW. I want to buy the perfect sunshine yellow to re-do our bathroom with, and maybe even my office too. I feel like it’ll be the perfect happy, uplifting colour, and also a nice break from the blues/lilacs we seem to have going on around the rest of the house.

5. A bit of organisation

This is the easy one, and maybe the most fun! I just kind of want to organise things a little more. Add more shelves, de-clutter the place, and make everything a bit more Pinterest-y to be honest. I want to feel like every inch of space is being used really well. Especially our laundry room; it’s a fantastic space, but right now we’re wasting it storing bikes and boxes in there as well as piling the washing up.


All in all, we’ve done really well for our first six months here! I can’t wait to see what the next six will bring, and how we’ll make this house the perfect little home for ourselves 🙂




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