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Going Green For Autumn With Colour Freedom

22nd September 2017


You’ve probably noticed I’ve turned green again recently; and I’m absolutely in love! I change my hair often throughout the year, but if you were to ask me which colour feels most like ‘me‘, it would always be green. I can still remember the first time I dared to try green; I was so nervous, it felt like the boldest possible colour I could go. Back then it wasn’t nearly as common to have unnaturally coloured hair, so it all felt a bit daring and exciting! But I truly fell in love once I seen that wild tumble of green frame my face for the first time; witchy vibes were definitely for me.

Fast forward 11 years and I’m still just as happy and satisfied each year when when I undoubtedly come back to green. It’s nearly always towards the colder months too actually; so I suppose Autumn and enjoying nature more, always inspires me. I have no doubt I’ll keep continuing to try other colours of the rainbow, but there’s nothing quite like green for me. Whether it’s a bright apple green, or deep emerald; I’m head over heels!

At the very end of August, Knight & Wilson got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try a range of their Colour Freedom hair dyes, and Style Freedom hair care products. I of course got very excited and said yes! I’ve used one or two products before in the Style Freedom range, but was excited to try out a whole lot from Knight & Wilson and really give my hair a big makeover.

I was kindly sent a few boxes of Colour Freedom Green Emerald as per my request, as well as a bleaching kit, AND Pasteliser bottle which I thought was incredibly thoughtful! The Pasteliser is something I’ll keep for future use, but didn’t need at this point in time; as I wanted really vivid emerald green, rather than a light pastel green. The Pasteliser is a great option for anyone a bit timid, or trying hair colour for the first time, as it makes shades much lighter and a little less daunting.

Well equipped with the knowledge and skill to completely redo my hair a different colour; I got to work! I covered my freshly lightened hair with the Emerald Green, applying it evenly from root to tip, working my way around my head until everywhere was covered. This is the part where I’d suggest getting a friend to check over the back of your head, just to be sure you haven’t missed any spots! Once all covered, leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing off. Me? I like to leave it on for about an hour, to really soak up as much colour as possible! There is no damage to hair from these semi-permanent dyes, so there’s no worry of leaving it on too long.

Once washed and dried, I fell in love! The perfect emerald green hair was mine, and my hair felt super shiny and soft in the process too. The quality of the Colour Freedom dye means there’s that my hair actually feels nourished, and really looked after. For my hair, which I’d say is mid-length; I used about 70% of a bottle. So I still have a nice chunk left for when I need to ‘top up’ my colour. The dye says it averages between 6-10 washes – but I’d say its much more than that. I’ve easily had about 15 washes now and my colour is still going strong. It’s a much lighter green now, so I’ll be topping it up soon, but its worth knowing beforehand! I see this as a huge bonus, as it means I get more for my money out of a product.

Now that it was coloured to perfection, I could really dig into the wonderful Style Freedom range to ensure my locks stay healthy, smooth, and looking beautiful! I was very kindly sent the Beach Body Spray (which I’ve used before and is fantastic for tousled, beachy waves!), The Detangler, The Super Root Volumiser and The Rejuventating Vitamin Oil.

My absolute FAVE product I’ve been using over the past month is easily the Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil – HOLY HELL it’s fantastic! You can use on wet or dry hair; and personally I love running this through the length of my hair (especially the ends) when wet, and allowing it to sink in as I dry my hair. It nourishes, protects and strengthens the hair, and is meant for ALL hair types too. It leaves my hair feeling the smoothest and silkiest it has ever felt, and I feel like if you were to run your hands through my hair; you’d never know I dye it all the time! It’s totally rejuvenated my hair, and has become a must-have product in my collection.

I also really loved the Detangler spray; something which I wasn’t expecting much from. I thought it would make my hair a little greasy, or just not to the job at all; but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have definitely noticed that my hair is much easier to manage when I use this, and it’s so light that it doesn’t feel greasy at all. I usually get ‘tatty’ hair throughout the day (as I like to call it..) if I don’t brush my hair again and again; but this product helps keep it in check! No more painful brushing and fallout. If anyone else has unruly hair, I’d thoroughly recommend this!


I feel so much more ready for the colder months now; I have my perfect Autumn hair, and the products that are keeping my locks feel loved and nourished! You can find all the Colour Freedom and Style Freedom range at Superdrug. Remember there’s free delivery for all beauty card holders! (I love to remind people of this as I didn’t know for SO long!).


Have you tried Colour Freedom or Style Freedom before?




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