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September Advertisers

27th September 2017

The end of September is here, and it’s only a few days until we bounce right into October! I’m so excited but I still can’t believe how quickly this year is going by. September has been great for me personally, as I’ve felt inspired and motivated more than usual. I’ve made some great life changes and I feel happier than ever, and Halloween is just around the corner! So obviously I’m super happy about that.

This month’s advertisers are absolutely amazing, and without their support I’d be lost. So please take a browse through and show them as much love and support as possible! There’s definitely something for everyone in this bunch…

Gorgeous & Geeky:

Natalie’s a wonderful blogger who has definitely become a friend from afar in the past few months! She’s such a friendly babe, and her blog is a great read. She writes about beauty, mental health, travel and a range of lifestyle topics!

Carrie Pawley:

Carrie’s blog is an awesome collection of lifestyle posts based on so many different topics; so there’s something for everyone! Whether she’s writing about the Autumn Equinox, books she loves, or inspiration and success; Carrie writes honestly and beautifully and invites you into her world!


Urbanity blog is the creation of Ruth and is an amazing hub of fashion, style, beauty, blogging and lifestyle issues! I have fallen head over heels for her outfit photos as I think she has a really fun sense of style; and would definitely recommend checking her out for inspiration!

Holly Quills and Ivy:

One of the VERY FIRST bloggers I ever met and became friends with, and now one of my closest besties! It’s fair to say she’s awesome, and I just know you guys will love her too. Her blog is a collection of reviews, lifestyle posts and honest and beautiful writing from a girl wanting to share her world!

I’m Just a Girl:

Chloe is such an amazing blogger! I fell in love with her blog a few months ago, and have become a regular reader since. She always has a load of fun posts, honest reviews and can make me giggle with her words. Definitely one to follow! (She’s a sweetheart too!).

Alice Red:

The Youtuber of the bunch! Oh my god, GO SUB to Alice! Okay seriously now, the talent and work she puts into her videos is unreal, and she’s so down to earth and lovely; you can’t help but watch her! I’ve now added her channel to my must-watch list of people to always check up on (and it’s a very short list!). She shares vlogs, monthly diaries, photography tips, and loads of other aspects of her life.

Wing It With Jade:

Jade’s blog is SO damn pretty, her photos always make me envious and draw me in. She writes about beauty products she loves, lifestyle issues and shares her life with her readers! She also has an amaaazing Youtube channel too!

Sweet Elyse:

Sweet Elyse is run by the awesome Elyse and Connor and covers a wonderful range of topics for readers! They have a beautiful blog design, and fun posts covering Travel, Family, Lifestyle issues, Food and Drink and so much more! I love feeling like I’m catching up with old friends when I visit their blog!

Illuminated Hearts:

Oh my gosh, did I fall in love with Natalie’s blog. Her design is BEAUTIFUL, her photography is always pretty, and her posts cover a range of topics so there’s something for everyone! She’s a sweetheart and you should definitely give her a visit today!

Sweet Allure:

Y’know how sometimes you find a blog so addictive you just keep reading post after post after post? Yep, that’s Tarnya’s blog! Sweet Allure is such a fab collection of lifestyle posts dealing with lifestyle issues, life lessons, TV, Movies, creativity and so much more! You’ll probably love Tarnya’s shop too so give her a visit!


As always, a HUGE thank you to my advertisers who help support me!

Who have you been reading this month? 🙂




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