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15 Faves From September

28th September 2017

At the end of each month, I love to list all the happy moments I’ve had for the month gone by, and my favourites things I’ve been using/experiencing. It always makes me feel really grateful for the little things, and I hope it gives a little extra insight into my life behind the screen!

So here are my favourite things from September!…

1. Rose Jam body spray; it’s the best! Lush are the masters of indulgence anyway, but they’ve really knocked it outta the park this time. Have you tried their body sprays? I can’t get enough!

2. Surprise mail; I was kindly sent some care packages from my mum, best friend and a fellow blogger! Each one contained something that really made me smile, and made my day! Thank you guys!!

3. New art supplies. Nothing crazy, but fun stuff was added to my collection for sure. Drawing ink, new watercolour pads, markers and pens (exciting pens, for special drawing, haha).

4. Lattes. I’m quite fond of the Nescafe instant lattes, and my morning drink makes waking up a little easier (especially the gingerbread flavour!).

5. Days out with Gary. We’ve started making sure that we have one day out on the weekend when he’s off work, and one day in for pjs, movies and general laziness. I’ve so enjoyed making the most of our time together!

6. My kindle. My love for reading everyday has been revived, and I’ve been whooshing my way through different books this month.

7. My green hair. Is that weird to have this as a fave? It’s cheered me up, made me feel more like myself, and I’m so happy with it. No plans to change it anytime soon.

8. Hylamide Pore Flush. I was so lucky last month to get sent the Hylamide Pore Flush, and I’ve been trying it in September to see what I thought. It minimizes and clears pores, to leave your skin super fresh and sparkly – magnificent! This is great as a morning application to make you feel really rejuvenated and ready for the day. I especially love how the formula is really light on the skin, and it’s an absolute bargain at just £13!

9. My Instagram. As annoying and as bad as Instagram has gotten, I’m loving my own feed more than ever.

10. The Guilty Feminist podcast. I only recently discovered this, and I’ve binged it! It’s hilarious, and passes the time when I’m working.

11. Blankets. With the temperature drop, we now have blankets everywhere, and you can usually find me cuddled in one.

12. Rainy days. I won’t linger on this, you all know my love for what others consider ‘bad weather’. It’s been LOVELY.

13. Pumpkins. They’re making an appearance everywhere and I am totally HERE for it guys. I want loads all around the house, on my clothes, in all my photos, and hell, even on my accessories.

14. Jumpers, coats, hats and scarves. Yep, they’ve all started coming out of retirement and I’ve felt more snuggly than ever!

15. Hiking! Who knew this would become a regular thing for me, that I loooove! I don’t mind whether it’s exploring alone, or a day out in the woods with Gary; either way it really makes me happy. I’m trying to get out as often as possible, which can be hard with my schedule, but it’s awesome when I can!


What have been your favourites from September?




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