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Autumn Dinner Parties With Rekorderlig*

16th October 2017

It’s not often I’m found in the kitchen, if I’m being honest. I’m more likely to be passing through, or getting a snack rather than actually having anything to do with that part of the house, and definitely not cooking! I’m ghastly in the kitchen and always have been. I’m usually impatient when cooking, I don’t follow recipes properly and I will totally admit to being lazy. I have a lovely fiance always willing to cook for me, so I don’t usually bother.

However recently I was challenged by Rekorderlig* to create my own little dinner party; inspired by their drinks and making at least one of the amazing recipes suggested from a typical Scandinavian comfort food cook book. They sent me a bunch of Rekorderlig cider drinks to try (awesome) and the cook book to work from (terrifying!!).

Let me be clear; I’m TERRIBLE in the kitchen. I can’t even make toast without burning it. But I decided to take on the challenge, to see how well I could do.

You might think I picked the easiest recipes that I could, but nothing in this whole book looked easy to me! Especially as I was doing this all alone, without my fiance’s help! I wanted something that really said comfort food to me, especially as we’re going into the colder months. So I decided I would try my hand at creating my own cauliflower soup (yes from scratch!), flute breadstick and poppyseed danish. It’s at this point I’ll also mention I started trying out the Rekorderlig cider drinks, because that was definitely the most fun part of all of this, and I like to think it helped me in the kitchen! (Though I wouldn’t recommend that!).

I had made sure I had all the right ingredients before I got started of course, so my kitchen counter was covered with potatoes, garlic cloves, cream, olive oil, cauliflower, butter, sugars, eggs, flour and SO MUCH MORE. It was more than I’d ever attempted to really cook, all in one place. I know, I’m terrible.

I’m pretty happy with how my cauliflower soup turned out, even though I found it a little tricky at first to get the right consistency. It was worth it though, because in the end it was like a great big warm hug from Autumn itself! The recipe book had suggested home baked bread to go with this ultimate comfort food, which lead to me trying the flute alongside this. This is the one that tasted yummiest and I was so happy with! Even if my flute looked nothing like the photo in the recipe book. Mine was a bit oddly shaped which I tried to hide a little in my photos (but I’m still proud it tasted so great!).

However the best turn out for sure, were the poppyseed danish.

Look at them!! Move over Delia Smith πŸ™‚ Haha.

Before I show off too much though; this was my THIRD batch. I found these so, so hard to do so I have a renewed respect for anyone who bakes at all. I may have even phoned my mum to ask for advice after the second batch, but don’t judge me. After a very long phone call and very long afternoon, I had finally got the perfect poppyseed danish ready to accompany the rest of my meal. I’m super proud of these, as they tasted so wonderful; but I’m not sure I could make them again!

When I finally had everything ready, my meal was the perfect Autumn comfort food, and I got to relax and try out a bunch of new Rekorderlig flavours I hadn’t tried before. Rekorderlig is definitely one of my go to drinks whether I’m out for the evening, or staying in with friends. The flavours include Wild Berries, Spiced Plum, Passionfruit, Mango-Raspberry and Strawberry-Lime. Strawberry-Lime is the flavour I’m typically drawn to, however after getting the chance to try all the different flavours I am now a huge fan of the Spiced Plum! They’re all really crisp, refreshing and delicious; but the Spiced Plum is definitely the winner for me.

Rekorderlig also kindly sent me a guide, explaining which flavours are best paired with particular foods; to really get the most out of these delicious drinks. For example, the Spiced Plum is perfect with Duck or Gingerbread, the Passion-fruit is best with Salmon or white chocolate, and the Strawberry-Lime is great with Balsamic Chicken or Berry Cheesecake! It was so great getting specific suggestions to keep trying in the future.

Rekorderlig is stocked in a wide range of bars and popular supermarkets, and it maintains it’s proud Swedish heritage while becoming such a popular delight here in the UK. It’s always been a favourite of mine, perfect for all occasions and goes down a treat!

Maybe I’m not great with food, but I’ve certainly got great taste in drinks!





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