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How Badoo Could Help Your Relationship*

19th October 2017

Most people who read this blog know of my fiance Gary, and know that we have been together over 6 and a half years now. What most people don’t realise though, is that we actually met online! Like, before it was really ‘a thing‘.

So back in 2010, when I was often found browsing through Tumblr and still kickin’ it in my emo phase; I happened to follow Gary on there. He liked the same things as me, I thought he was cute, and his posts always stood out. But here’s the thing; we never spoke for absolutely AGES. We followed each other for so long before we even started talking, and even then it was the odd comment on a post every now and again. Fast forward about 6 months, and we were talking everyday, sending messages back and forth, and had even swapped numbers and arranged to meet up.

This was all new, scary and exciting back then. Dating apps weren’t really a thing, and meeting people off the internet was still considered a bit wild. I’d done it before, knew how to be safe, and really had such a connection with Gary though, so I’m obviously so glad we did.

But I always think it’s crazy that we liked each other and talked to each other for a good 8 months or so before we even met up! These days you can talk to people on dating apps like Badoo*; the largest dating app in the world, and form friendships and connections on the first day. I have friends who have organised dates for that very evening after hitting it off with someone. Isn’t that amazing?!

I was browsing the Badoo app recently, and I couldn’t believe how the dating game has changed and been made so much easier these days thanks to apps. On Badoo you can search for people in your area, set filters so you’re not wasting any time, share the things you love, send gifts and stickers to people you like, start video calls, see who you’ve ‘bumped into’ at local hot spots and so much more! And I noticed people get verified on Badoo by connecting their Facebook account, which I thought was so clever. It gives you extra peace of mind about who you’re talking to!

There’s so much Gary and I missed out on because we didn’t have access to awesome apps like Badoo. We wasted months not really talking to each other, even though we both clearly liked each other! All because we didn’t know how to start the conversation, or we weren’t sure how to make it obvious we were keen. We also didn’t have the convenience of everything being in one app; instant messages, video calls, social links, and profiles. If we had been using Badoo back in 2010, we would have saved ourselves so much time and worry! We would have probably met up earlier, and started our wonderful relationship a little sooner.

Take it from me, Badoo can help you get out there and not waste a single moment; so check it out if you fancy finding that special someone ๐Ÿ™‚



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