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5 Blogs I Love & Read Daily

22nd October 2017

The kind of blogs where you instantly fall in love, you could binge read the entire archive of posts, and you check daily for more; are really rare to find, but they are out there! I have a whole folder full of bookmarked blogs on my browser, and I’m always dipping in and out of their content or searching for new ones.

I thought today I’d share the five bloggers who are absolutely top of my list at the moment, and the ones I always visit before anyone else. Some are ones I’ve loved for a long time, some very new. All of them are unique and awesome though, so be sure to check them out!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”


1. Lauren Evie

A friend and someone I truly admire. I’ve loved Lauren’s blog for a long time, but for the past month or two her content has been ON FIRE. I am honestly addicted to checking back daily to see what else she’s rustled up, and I’ve been spoiled during October as she’s been posting everyday! Lauren writes about books, mental health, life in general, things she loves and her honest and raw thoughts on a range of lifestyle issues. She’s so creative, and I’m always so inspired by her!

2. Hannah Gale

The queen of blogging herself! I’ve been to multiple events that Hannah has also attended and I’ve never once said hi. Why? I’m terrified! In a good way. I admire and respect Hannah so damn much, and she’s basically my blogging idol. Is that weird? Probs. No matter what Hannah is writing about, I love reading her posts. Pregnancy, fashion, life, what she loves/hates; I’ll read it all and then some. I’m also a daily stalker of her Instagram stories too, she’s ace!

3. Lazy Thoughts

I’ve been reading Megan’s blog for a few months now, and it’s really become one of my go-to sites I visit every evening. I love her fun and clean blog layout, I love that she seems really organised (and therefore inspires me to be really organised!) and I love that she writes about a range of subjects. My faves are usually ones about blogging schedules/organisation, bullet journals, or social media tips. There’s always something that will motivate me to get my own life/blog/socials sorted!

4. No Space For Milk

Rachel’s blog is one that’s always been on my radar, but I’ve only recently had the sense to actually sit down and dive into. I LOVE IT. Rachel writes so honestly, she oozes creativity, and her blog posts are always great for binge reading. I feel like Rachel’s blog is great for self reflection, she often makes me stop and think about how I feel on specific subjects, or how I could make little changes in my own life. I also love her book recommendations!

5. BKY

Becky’s blog is the newest addition to my favourites, as I found her through the Blog Race on Twitter. I’m so, so glad I did; because she has shot her way to the very top of my bookmarks! She’s SO creative, loves a bit of DIY (check out her Etsy shop), writes about a whole range of subjects (I seem to love absolutely everything she writes tbh) and her photography and blog layout might just be the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. It drives me wild with jealousy. The good kind. The kind that keeps me visiting again and again. I thoroughly recommend you visit her!


What blogs have you loved lately?

PLEASE do share any recommendations, I’m always after more! 🙂





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