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TLC For Hands & Feet With Flexitol*

11th October 2017



Yep, and Autumn is already well underway with these rainy days, dark nights, harsh winds and temperatures dropping. This is my favourite time of year, but it definitely gives my body a beating, that’s for sure. My skin dries out and needs extra nourishment in the colder months, and I tend to really give my hands and feet an extra beating with my average day too. Whether I’m painting away and wrecking my hands and nails, or going for a hike through the woods and finishing the day with sore feet; I need something extra special to look after my skin. Especially at this time of year!

I’ve been trying out the Flexitol range for the past few weeks, and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys today. Caring for your hands and feet doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s something we often overlook (especially if you’re a creative/crafty person like me, constantly ruining your hands!).


So, let’s start with the hand products!

If you watch my Instastories you’ll have probably noticed that my hands and nails are nearly always covered in paint, glue, glitter. My nails are almost always chipped, and my hands basically look like they’ve been through a rough time – because they have! I often feel very messy because of this, and not exactly ladylike. But that’s the problem with being a full time Artist, I’m always going to be putting my hands through hell and carrying flecks of paint everywhere with me.

I thought I’d just have to grin and bear it really, but the Hand Balm* and Cuticle & Nail Cream* from Flexitol have really been helping me for the past few weeks! The Hand Balm has been my absolute saviour every single day to be honest! It instantly moisturises my hands, makes them feel super soft and sets into my skin within moments. No greasy residue and I can visibly see a difference in them afterwards. Seriously! They look alive and nourished rather than dry, cracked and rough; and the Hand Balm helps protect my skin when working with harsh Art materials. The Cuticle & Nail Cream was such a happy little surprise for me, as it has a brush tip applicator, meaning you simply squeeze a little bit of cream out, and apply over your nails and cuticles with the brush. I’ve taken to applying this before painting my nails, making them feel nourished and helping to make my polish last longer without cracking! I love the application for this, no mess, no waste, and super easy!

And now onto my tootsies!

I was SO, so tempted to do a before and after photo for the foot products; but don’t worry, I won’t gross you guys out! I have AWFUL feet you see, and always have problems with them. Y’see, no matter what shoes I wear (trainers, walking shoes, boots, the softest clouds…) I always end up with dry, cracked, sore feet. Blisters are a common thing for me, and red raw feet after a day out. It sucks!

But, I do have a little bit of help now. No other moisturising creams have kept my feet nourished for more than a few hours, until now. They have soon ended up back to their dry, cracked selves. But in the last few weeks that I’ve been using the Moisturising Foot Foam* and Heel Balm* from Flexitol, I’ve had so much more success! Now don’t get me wrong, my feet will still be red raw and sore after a hike (normal), but no longer are they cracked and super sensitive. The Heel Balm was really nourishing and gave a great instant fix for when I finish a long day or get home from a hike; but my biggest love was the Moisturising Foot Foam. I thought it felt a bit weird at first, using a foam on my feet. But it instantly absorbed into my skin, hydrating my feet especially on my heels and left them feeling SUPER SOFT. Like… softness I’ve never been able to have for my feet! This product is definitely the winner for me, and I now use this every single morning before I do anything. I can guarantee my feet are still soft and supple for around 24 hours after using this!


The little things can make a huge difference, and now I don’t look or feel as hagged as I did, haha!


A huge thanks to Flexitol for allowing me to try these awesome products and write about them, and thank YOU guys for supporting the brands that support me! 🙂 Get your own goodies from Flexitol here, or browse your Local Boots store!




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