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GHD Platinum Pink Blush Styler

5th October 2017
ghd pink blush styler

ghd pink blush styler

I have always been such a fan of ghd for their range of styling tools, straighteners and being the queens of all hair related products! I can remember back when I was a teenager and I got my first ever pair of ghd straighteners; I felt like royalty and they lasted me years before I needed to replace. This standard of amazing quality, durable life and almost magical results means ghd have dominated my favourite brands for years.

With this in mind, when they offered me the chance to try out the new ghd pink blush platinum styler*; I immediately said yes! Each year ghd work with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise money for the charity and raise awareness. This year a portion of the sales from the pink blush platinum styler are going directly to the charity, and it’s an amazing cause!

Ghd offered me the very special chance to try out the new pink blush platinum styler for myself, to experiment with how it can be used on a range of hairstyles, especially short ones! It’s so wonderful to have styling products aimed at shorter hair styles, which is not always the case. I decided to try styling my hair in a unique and quirky way, which anybody could try!

I’ve stuck to a style that even those with short hair can try, in celebration of ghd’s wonderful campaign! Participating salons are partaking in #ChoptoYourChin, donating 7 inches from haircuts to the Little Princess Trust. So if you’re thinking about getting a chop to refresh your hair for Autumn, and have hair that is long enough to donate at least seven inches, then this is your chance! When you donate your hair to the Little Princess Trust, your hair will be used for wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatments and other illnesses. So why not do a good deed AND get a stylish new do’ for yourself?

The pink blush platinum hair style is the perfect tool for absolutely anyone; because it’s so easy to use! And I’ve teamed it with the easiest (and cutest!) hairstyle ever. This means you can achieve this look in less than 10 minutes! Start by simply grabbing sections of your hair and twisting them from root to tip. You can make the sections as wide or as thin as you like, depending on how wavy you would like your hair, or how ‘chunky’ you would like the finished look to be. Then take the styler, and run it slowly down each twist of hair, letting it glide over each piece softly. You won’t need to hover or press down; it does all the hard work for you. Once you reach the end, you can either put a small elastic band at the end of the twists, or leave them loose. As you can see from the photo below, I left mine loose and they still stayed in place and looked pretty!

Once you have gone around your whole head to twist each section of your hair, you then need to gather it into a small, messy bun at the nape of your neck. Leave some pieces more loose than others, and one or two framing your face; to give a soft and dreamy look to this style. A few hair clips will help keep everything in place! Don’t fret too much about the bun; it’s supposed to be quick and messy! Any loose hair will be wavy and look super pretty.

And voila! The cutest do’ completed in less than 10 minutes, perfect for even short hairstyles. Thanks to the pink blush platinum styler; the work was made super easy for me, and my hair was left really soft and shiny afterwards. It even comes with a heat resistant pouch so you have a protected surface to lay the styler down on as you use it, and to store in afterwards!

I would absolutely recommend adding this ghd styler to your collection, and every purchase of a ghd electrical product will make a £10 donation to Breast Cancer Now and £2 from every paddle brush sale! This is a HUGE deal guys, and one I’m so proud to promote!


Grab your own pink blush platinum styler here, and let me know what you think of the quick and easy hairstyle I’ve put together! 🙂




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