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‘The Line’ By Keri Smith

9th October 2017

I have a whole shelf full of Keri Smith books, and I love each and every one. Wreck This Journal, Guerilla Art Kit, This Is Not A Book, and so many more! I can confidently say she has inspired me for years now, and I definitely owe a bunch of my projects thanks to her. So when I was very kindly sent her new book ‘The Line‘* in the mail, I got all squealy and excited like a child at Christmas! (Or..y’know.. like me at Christmas!).

The idea behind the line is to let go of all expectations, and simply bring everything down to ONE SIMPLE LINE. A line that runs through the book constantly, taking you on an unexpected journey. The line will challenge you, inspire you, question you, and motivate you to keep going. All you need is a pencil.

It’s really hard to describe what this book is about, without giving the game away completely. But I will say there’s more to it than there seems. I honestly got through my first few pages of this book thinking, ‘Ok when will this start, what’s the idea? Where’s the challenge?‘ and I think it took me a good quarter of the book to really get the message. THIS, this is it. I’m the challenge. I’m the ideas, the motivation and the project all rolled into one. The line pushes you forward, because you must keep going, above all else.

I really liked this book, and I think it would be fantastic as a tool for people who say they ‘aren’t creative’ or are scared to leave their comfort zone.

We often hold ourselves back, and The Line pushes us to keep going.

It really did leave me feeling inspired and motivated, to just run with any idea that popped in my head, and stop overthinking.

I think the only downside for me personally, was that I’m already a creative, motivated person. This is my job, so I’m acutely aware of all the things that inspire me, and I’m already ‘in that zone’ so to speak! However you can’t have enough inspiration can you? 🙂 I do adore and love Keri’s other books more; however I can definitely see the great value in this one for creative newbies or even younger people/children!

I think this book is PERFECT for that dollop of inspirational freedom we all need from time to time.


Have you tried any of Keri Smith’s books before?





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