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Turtlebay Plymouth Opening

25th October 2017

After six months living in Plymouth, it still can sometimes feel like I’m quite the newbie here. I love any event that pops up or any excuse to get to hang out with some of the lovely bloggers and creatives that roam around this way. Because there really are such a lovely big group of people who have already made me feel so welcome, and I love getting to know people here!

So when I found out Turtlebay was opening a Plymouth branch, and I’d very kindly been invited; I was overjoyed! When we lived in Liverpool, there had been a Turtlebay there but I’d never gotten the chance to try it out myself. I’d heard such good things about their amazing menu and range of cocktails.

I had invited the lovely Corinna to be my plus one to the event, as we had already made plans to hang out that day anyway; and it seemed to line up perfectly! What’s better than great company, good food, and free drinks?!

We headed down to Turtlebay, and I have to be honest we were TOTALLY blown away and surprised as soon as we got to the event. It’s not what we expected at all. I’ve been invited by restaurants to many reviews and events before, so I thought I knew exactly how this was gonna go down. There would be a group of about 10-15 local bloggers, we’d get to learn about the restaurant’s brand, try some of the menu, and sample some of their cocktails. We’d have a little chat with people, and then all go our separate ways. However that is NOT the way Turtlebay decided to do things…


From the moment we arrived we were greeted with the friendliest staff ever, a round of yummy cocktails, and an introduction to the brand new Turtlebay. The whole place glimmered from floor to ceiling with fairy lights and neon signs, and the staff were dancing around, serving people, sending around samples of food and checking everyone was having a good time. It was the most exciting and really well put together event I’ve ever been to!

The food was absolutely delicious, and we tried to sample a little of everything; but there seemed to be endless choices! Whether you’re a meat lover or want something a little lighter, Turtlebay seem to accommodate for all. My favourite of the samples was the slow braised beef; it was cooked to perfection and packed full of flavour! I just know it’s something my fiance will love too, so we’ll definitely have to go back together for a meal.

The cocktails were AMAZING; lemme tell ya. I’m keen on a nice cocktail but the Caribbean theme really shone through in every little detail. Packed full of fruit and in a range of tastes, I thoroughly recommend everyone give them a go (they do mocktail versions for those not wanting to drink alcohol!).

My highest praise has to go to the staff who worked the event, because they really did put their heart and soul into it. There was a live band playing, servers constantly going around, smiling faces, and the bar staff were incredible at keeping queues as quick as possible (impressive considering it was free drinks all night!).

I cannot wait to head back with my fiance, and soak up that Caribbean flavour and fun again! A big thanks to everyone at Turtlebay for allowing me to attend. Be sure to check where your local one is guys!




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