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Do I Still Fit In The Blogging Community?

11th November 2017

Lately I feel like I don’t quite fit in the blogging community as I once did, and it’s really strange. To be clear, I still love blogging as much as ever, and my passion and inspiration hasn’t gone anywhere. I still have big hopes and plans for this here creation of mine, but I sort of feel like I’ve changed course slightly and I’m not sure if people are keen to embark on this new journey with me.

In the past year, I’ve blogged MUCH more about creativity, inspiration, goals, my life in general and my random thoughts on a range of subjects. I’ve blogged much LESS about beauty, and when I have, it’s only been about my absolute favourite products/ranges I thought worthy of talking about. But basically this blog has gone from a little of everything, to mostly a creative lifestyle blog, with a pinch of my life behind the scenes in there.

I’m extremely happy about this. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long, and I feel more like myself than ever. I’m putting the subjects I’m most passionate about, at the top of my priorities. I don’t accept any products from PR’s unless I absolutely 100% know I’ll love them, and will want to blog about them. I’ve turned down some awesome opportunities recently, from some big brands to be honest; but I feel okay about my decision. You can still find a snippet of beauty products on this blog, every now and again, and sometimes on my Instagram stories if I fancy sharing what I’m using at the moment.

As well as this blog changing slightly, my Instagram has too! You may have noticed if you already follow me, that lately it’s become 100% dedicated to my Art, focusing on my paintings. Over time, it may show a range of my different Artworks (collage, digital drawings, etc), but for now I’m happy keeping it dedicated to my paintwork. Although I love this, and it makes me really happy; I have noticed a drop in engagement. This is so disheartening, as I’d love to know my followers support me and enjoy seeing my creations and behind the scenes process. But I do understand that my content on Instagram has changed slightly, so I get it.

My blog has become more defined to my passions, my Instagram has had a complete overhaul, and there’s also the fact I stopped all The Girl Gang stuff last month. I still retweet people on the account every single day, because it’s so easy and I love supporting you all! But there’s no newsletters, and the chats have stopped for a little while.

With all of these combinations; it’s no surprise really that I feel my place in the blogging world has totally changed.

However I’d love to know there are still people out there, interested in what I do/create/write. I’m writing this word vomit today to try explain the changes, and hopefully, maybe even get some feedback from you guys! I feel very unsure that the blogging community will be interested in an Artist who doesnt do makeup looks or new product hauls, so please let me know what you think?


For now, I’ll be painting away on Instagram. Come follow me if you fancy making me feel part of a community again!




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