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Finding Your Own Art Style

25th November 2017


My favourite thing to buy with my pocket money as a kid; was always stationery and art supplies. It always seemed like a good investment, and I reckon I was wise beyond my years there. Collecting more and more pens (I’ve never really been a pencil gal), markers, paper, paints, craft materials and sketchbooks was always the greatest feeling, even if I never really quite knew what I wanted to do with them.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m still here buying ALL of the most exciting, fun looking art supplies; even if I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing with them. I’m still exploring my own Artwork, and developing my own style. I’d like to think this is going to be a constant evolution, since I’m someone who likes change anyway. But finding your Art style can be incredibly rewarding, and can really make you feel at home and confident with the Art you create.

So I thought today I’d share some of my own little tips to finding your personal Art style, that I’ve learned along the way. I’m by no means an ‘expert’, whatever that may mean… But I am hella passionate about Art, have taken many different Art courses, and have been exploring this creative world for quite a few years now.

Art painting brush mix

5 Ways to help find your own Art style:


1. Don’t hold back.

The biggest contender you’re going to be competing with in this race to find what’s really ‘YOU’; is fear. Don’t let self doubt hold you back when exploring different Art styles, or you’ll never really know what could be. Trying out new things is half the fun anyway, so let go of all creative inhibitions and really go for it! Stop being so precious with your work, and make it fun, meaningful or challenging above all else.

2. Try different mediums.

There are a million different ways to be an Artist, and this grows even more all the time as the years go by. You could be a simple pen and paper kinda gal, you could love to work with crafts and found materials in a 3D Art style, or maybe digital animation was made for you. You’ll never know unless you try, and you can learn so much along the way, even if a specific medium isn’t for you. There are mediums I love to work in, but I know I need improvement on; and that’s okay! There are mediums I work in which I feel 100% confident in, and there are things I totally suck at, but you better believe I still have plenty of fun giving it a go anyway. You’ll find what feels like ‘home’ to you soon enough.

3. Challenge yourself.

Sounds really obvious, but I know just how hard it can be. This could mean trying a different medium, or focusing on a new subject within your work. It could even mean just pushing yourself to keep going, which we all know can feel impossible sometimes. Maybe set one hour each day (or even an hour every weekend) to sit down, with a bunch of different materials and art prompts for ideas (you can google loads of fun art prompts easily, or find a list I created here for inspiration!).

4. Create a moodboard.

Moodboards are wonderful ways to inject your brain with an instant zap of inspiration! I love creating them by hand, collaging different textures, colours, magazine cut outs; all put together to form something beautiful on it’s own. However with the invention of Pinterest, you can save so much time now, if you wish for an easier, digital method. Create a board full of things that inspire you or give you even the tiniest idea for an Art project, and refer back to it daily!

5. Represent yourself.

The one thing I found throughout my first few years studying Art at College, was that I was subconsciously trying to emulate the work I loved around me. I didn’t realise this for a few years when I really starting exploring my own Art style and preferences; but it’s a major thing! I was in love with specific Artists, and felt I needed to be like them. Or maybe I wanted to paint, so I felt like I had to paint whatever anyone else was. You’re probably reading this thinking I’m an idiot, but it’s really hard when you’re learning a skill to have the confidence to be different, or put yourself into the heart of your work. It’s the greatest feeling of freedom and passion, and even pride; when you eventually do though! If I could offer one tip above all else, I’d say don’t be afraid to break the rules and be yourself!


I hope this post helps any creative folk out there, or anyone just hoping to learn a new craft! Also check out my other blog post; ‘15 Creative Things Anyone Can Do‘ – for more inspo! 🙂






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