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5 Things That Rock About Having A Creative Job

7th November 2017

Working as a freelance Artist and Writer, can sound fabulous can’t it? I’m aware of that, and I’m always quick to talk about the negative sides to people too, as I really want them to get a better understanding of what it’s like for me. I actually wrote about how working for myself affects my mental health, and I was so glad to be able to share such an honest post with you guys. But there’s a reason I keep at it of course, even throughout the negative aspects or struggles I often have.

So I wanted to chat today about my favourite things about this job, the reasons it ROCKS to work in a creative field!


1. New things.

You might not like change, but I’m one of those people who can’t bear to do the SAME thing over and over and over. I’ve gotten bored in every single past job I’ve ever had, no matter how easy, fun, beneficial it was; because I need constant change, new ideas, a chance to go with my mood. I consider this an incredible privilege that I can now do this (to a limit), and I think it suits my personality perfectly. I primarily paint, draw, and write for this blog. But knowing I can start up a textile project, try some experimental photography Art, get crafting in any new way I wish; is the best!

2. Getting those feelings out.

My artwork is always inspired by how I’m feeling at the time of creation (especially my paintings), and this can be so useful to me. Painting always relaxes me, cheers me up, and makes me see things in a new light; so I know if I’m feeling moody or anxious it’s the perfect time to pick up the paintbrush. When I’m feeling super motivated and excitable; I know this is the perfect time to embark on something brand new, because I’ll have the confidence to see it through. I’ve learned to listen to what’s going on inside myself, and use it for my work.

3. Not getting stuck in a routine.

We’ve spoken already about how I love new challenges and constant change; and not getting stuck in a routine is part of that. I like knowing I work to my own timetable and schedule, that I can take a day off to go out and have fun with my fiance if needed. Sometimes I’ll work from 8am in the morning, right through to 10pm in the evening. Sometimes I won’t sit down at my desk until 2pm (still in my pjs), and sometimes I’ll be working through the very late hours of the night. It works for me, I fucking love the freedom.

4. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

I love how the weather can greatly affect the sort of Art I’m creating, or can inspire me on a whole bunch of new blog content. I love catching up with friends and being in awe of their style, wanting to capture it in some way in a new painting. I love when I’m on a bus listening to music, and a wave of inspiration can grab me by random. Inspiration really does come from everywhere for me, and it means everyday is a glittering world of possibility.

5. A great excuse to buy pretty things.

And last but not least; I love being able to indulge in an Art and Craft haul! Going to Hobbycraft might just be on there on my top ten fun things to do, and I always come away feeling inspired. Whether I’m buying new paints, markers, glitter, craft supplies, fabric, canvases or spray paints; it feels like I’m the luckiest girl in the world!



This post isn’t at all to ‘show off’ or even seem remotely braggy, please keep that in mind! I’m just a firm believer in counting your blessings, and I am so truly appreciative of mine! 🙂





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