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Saying Thank You To Our Parents*

21st November 2017

There are three things I count myself extremely lucky for every single day; 

I have a great fiance, family and friends.

I get to create Art for a job.

I have a great home, and security.

There are two people who are 100% to thank for that last one; my Mum and Mother in law. Without a doubt, if we didn’t have them, Gary and I wouldn’t be living where we are, and may not even be living together at all. 

Gary and I met over six years ago; him living here in Plymouth, me living in Liverpool. It was HARD to maintain such a distant relationship, but we did it. However the greatest thing was that we both had supportive mothers who eventually helped us get to where we are now. We have a house of our own, in a lovely area, and we know that we’re set for life here.

The Post Office* are launching a Gratitude Bank campaign called #OnTheLadder – and it’s all about people who have been lucky enough to get help from their parents to get started in a home of their own. Sometimes this is financial help, like a parent paying your deposit on a new home. Sometimes the help we get is more than just financial though; like my situation. It’s interesting that 61% of parents help their child financially when they purchase a home, however only 5% can help with full deposit. It shows that their help means so much, and it’s not only financial help that comes in handy.

A few years ago, my Mum kindly allowed Gary and I to live together with her in her home, and pay only a fraction of rent compared to what we’d be paying otherwise, while we saved up money for our own place. After a few months, we were then able to pay a deposit on a flat and move in, with a few months worth of rent saved up (as well as money towards household appliances and furniture – it all adds up so much!). It must have been less than ideal for my mum to have us both living there, but it was so kind of her, and her generous offer meant that Gary and I could start our own life together in a new place. She also helped us look for places to rent in good areas, within a reasonable price, and told us all the things we should watch out for too!

As recently as this year, we’ve also had help from Gary’s Mum too, which has completely changed our lives. With us both being on such low income, we knew there was no way we could move out of our tiny flat and into a house, and we definitely couldn’t think about buying any time soon (if ever). It was a luxury that seemed impossible for us. However Gary’s Mum offered to let us rent her house in Plymouth (she lives in another property) for a tiny fraction of the usual price, and this house is basically ours now (as Gary was always going to be given it anyway).

In short, we’ve found our forever home thanks to our wonderful parents. Without them we could never afford to leave our tiny flat in Liverpool, and starting a family would then be even harder down the line too.

I feel so incredibly grateful and lucky for this, especially because it could have been very tricky on our relationship. Dealing with money among family can lead to people feeling indebted to parents. According to a Post Office survey; of Millennial homeowners who did receive help, 32% felt indebted to their parents. While I definitely feel gratitude, our parents have never made us feel like a burden; which is amazing!


To celebrate the things parents do to support their families while they are getting on the property ladder, Post Office Money has launched the Gratitude Bank – as a way for young people to say thank you! Whether supported with a deposit, rent-free living or even some good advice – this is your opportunity to really show how grateful you are, and give thanks to your parents. The best part is you can win 1 of 15 £1000 gratitude cheques from the Post Office! Tell your story on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #OnTheLadder before 30th November and fifteen lucky people will be chosen. Meaning you can treat your Mum or Dad to something really nice this Christmas!


Full terms and conditions are available on the website, so be sure to check it out!



* This post was sponsored by the Post Office, but all views are my own! 🙂




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