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20 Highlights From 2017

22nd December 2017

The end of the year make us all reflect on how things have gone, and hopefully we get to look back over more good than bad. 2017 Might not have been a great year in general, but for me personally it was quite the winner. I feel really lucky for any little blessings I’ve had, and taking note of them at the end of the year makes me even more grateful. So today I thought I’d sum up some of the greatest highlights of 2017, in case anyone wanted a nosey!

Some are bigguns, some are teeny tiny, and I love each and every one of them.


1. Moving to Plymouth – we took the leap! It was scary, but ultimately wonderful. We can finally make some serious life plans.

2. Getting writing jobs – This was such a blessing this year; I finally got paid for work outside of blogging. It was such a great experience, and helps me continue to grow!

3. Going to London – Gary and I went to London last month just for a quick trip, and it was so lovely to have time off exploring together!

4. Hitting 10K on Instagram – YASSS omg this is crazy. I’m so damn grateful for this, and I’m hoping to reach at least 15K in 2018 (or maybe even 20K!).

5. Plymouth blog events – I was so worried about being a newbie here, but everyone has been so lovely! THANK GOD.

6. Seeing Eminem again. – This was obviously one of the greatest moments for me, and I cried, again. The king is BACK.

7. Getting Pixi – It feels crazy when I realise we’ve only had Pixi since May, it feels like she’s always been part of the family! I don’t know what I’d do without my lil Pips now.

8. Enjoying the outdoors more – Having the forest right next to my house is the greatest! I LOVE IT, and 2017 meant I got a chance to really take advantage of it often.

9. Making 2000 sales on Etsy – I only hit this last week, and I’m SO grateful!!! At the start of the year I hoped to reach 1K sales, I never dreamed I’d double it! Here’s to 3 or 4K next year?!

10. Selling paintings – This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, and 2017 it came to life! At least 15 people now have original paintings of mine hanging in their homes, and that feels incredible!

11. Meeting people – This year I got to meet some amazing people; like Helen, Corinna and Lauren!

12. Working with some amazing brands – I don’t want to turn this into a long name drop as I’d feel a right twoz; but working with Urban Decay, Illamasqua and Superdrug have made this girl SO HAPPY.

13. Visiting Liverpool for Halloween – Oh my gosh it was SO good to go home, see my best friends in the world, and spend time with my family. Bonus points it was around my favourite holiday too!

14. Being less self conscious – I’m showing my face more on Insta, and I’m trying to smash my insecurities.

15. Having rainbow hair – This feels like a lifetime ago now! Deffo one of the best hair experiments I’ve tried.

16. Rediscovering my love for reading – This bookworm is back! I now read daily, like, actual books – not just blogs!

17. My favourite illustrator gave me a shoutout on Instagram! (and lovely messages about my work!) STILL CAN’T BELIEVE SHE BOUGHT SOMETHING AND WAS LOVELY TO ME.

18. Attending the Makeup Revolution 3rd birthday party – YESSSS omg how did I get invited to this?! It was amazing.

19. Achieving Highly Commended at the 30+ Blog Awards for Community Star. No words really <3

20. Being named top of Buzzfeed’s list of ‘18 Blogs to Subscribe To In 2018. WOW! I feel so grateful that anyone reads this blog, let alone thinks I’m worthy of being on this list. 


Let’s hope 2018 is even better!

Have a good one guys x



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