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2018 Plans & Goals

27th December 2017

So here we are; it’s that time when a lot of us start to make resolutions for the coming year, making plans and goals that we hope to achieve. I love this feeling of a fresh start, a new chapter, a clean slate, as I’m sure many of you do too. A few of you may have seen on my Instagram last week that I had started a big five year plan, and I was breaking it down into manageable chunks, including what I hope to achieve in 2018. I love working like this, it allows me to dream big, and then make small, achievable steps towards my goals which feel do-able. 

For example, if one of my BIG five year goals is to be debt free by the end of it, I’d break it down backwards like this:

5 Year Goal: Be debt free

Within 3 years: Clear half my debt

By the end of 2018: Make a substantial start to clearing debt.

Each month in 2018: Pay off as much as possible of debt, make a savings plan, cut down on non essentials.

And this way I’m simply starting with small steps, which will hopefully one day lead to achieving that big five year goal. It seems so much more realistic now, right?! 

So since I’m feeling very goal orientated, I thought I’d share some of my goals for 2018, in the hopes it may inspire you too! (Remember I have Resolution Cheats on Etsy!) 


1. Have a baby

It’s no secret that Gary and I are hoping to finally start a family on 2018. I’m terrified, and if truth be told I know NOTHING about babies. But it feels right, and it’s something we both really want; so we’re trying to ignore all the scary bits, and just focus on the nice things to come!

2. Make 3K total sales on Etsy

2017 Has been amazing for me, and I’ve learned so much about the highs and lows of running a small business. I have recently been luck enough to hit 2000 sales on Etsy in total, and I’d love to go on to reach 3000 in 2018. This feels really doable, but you never know so I’ll not push my lush by hoping for more!

3. Clear a good chunk of bills

As mentioned above, clearing debt is really important to me, especially since we’re hoping to start a family this year. So in 2018 I’m cutting down on all non essentials and deciding to live smaller in many ways. I’ll be paying off as much as possible on my debt, and trying to put little pennies away for our family. This one will be incredibly hard if I’m honest, as we earn SO LITTLE anyway, but I’m determined to try.

4. Book a trip

I don’t plan on going away in 2018, because of the savings issue, and maybe possibly being pregnant at some point. But I really do want to BOOK a trip for Gary and I, even if it’s not until 2019 that we can go. It doesn’t have to be a big holiday; just a few days away somewhere would make me happy. But we haven’t been out of the country in years, and I really think we deserve it.

5. Plan our wedding

I really did want to get married before we had a baby, but the whole money thing slowed us right down. And it felt silly to put off a family, and live the life we want, just to save to eventually get married. So in 2018 we will be planning our wedding properly; but I honestly think we might just do a registry wedding and plan a little party with our closest family and friends. I don’t need a big day, but I do really want to be Mrs Mead! (Yes I would definitely be changing my name, my surname is horrible and I love the idea of us all having the same one as a family).


So those are the things I’ll be focusing on in 2018, and I hope you guys will wish me luck in doing them all! I’d love to know if you have any plans for the coming year?!




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