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5 Mini Goals For January

31st December 2017


Last month I shared my ‘5 Mini Goals for December‘ and I found it such a great success to set myself mini, achievable goals. I’ve already set out my big, meaty goals for the whole of 2018; but each month I also now like to have little ones working towards them. So I thought today I’d share my five mini goals for January, and how I plan to spend the next 31 days making them happen!

I always find writing lists helps me think more clearly, and is so useful for getting things done, so I hope you enjoy!


1. Plan lots of new Etsy products

Some of this has already been started, as you’ll see from my new listings over on my shop! I still want to plan a range of exciting new products to come though, so let me know if there’s anything you’d love to see! I haven’t had my usual bubble of inspiration for the past few weeks, but I’m starting to get some exciting new ideas again thankfully.

2. Go swimming

I purposefully didn’t make any weight or fitness goals for 2018, as I always end up feeling bad one way or another. So instead, I’ve decided to just enjoy time away from the computer more, in whatever ways that may entail. I’m really happy Gary has agreed to go swimming with me each week, as I absolutely LOVE swimming! I want to appreciate what my body can do, rather than punishing it for not being something else.

3. Keep ahead of blog and Instagram schedule

I’m doing well with this already, and I feel so happy with my Instagram at the moment! I recently spent the whole day planning out my Instagram, so I’m hoping this month it really comes alive and looks better than ever! As for this blog, I’d LOVE to know what sort of content you guys want to see? I love lifestyle posts, anything creative and sharing my favourite things with you guys; but I do also miss sharing tips posts! So if there’s anything concerning blogging/social media/online presence that you’d like tips on, let me know!

4. Keep to a strict budget

I’m SO hoping I can make this happen, it’s so important to me. If we’re going to be starting a family this year, I want to clear as much debt as we can and become as financially stable as possible. No more unnecessary spending, I’ll be seeing where we can save pennies, and I really hope you guys will consider supporting me in any way you can! Maybe by buying an Advertising Package with me?

5. Make time with family and friends

I’m going to make sure I catch up with people I weren’t able to see in December, and I’m also going to book a trip to Liverpool for April. My mum is due down to visit us in Plymouth this month too, yay! I never got to see any family at all over Christmas, so I’m really happy.


What are your goals for January? 🙂




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