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6 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas

11th December 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and giving someone the perfect gift can sometimes be tricky! Sure, we can splash out on that fancy watch or get someone that perfect perfume; but it gets expensive doesn’t it lads?! Well here’s the thing, and I’m not just saying this; there are those of us who actually LOVE handmade gifts. The thought, dedication, time and love that goes into a handmade gift means a lot to me, and they are definitely the gifts I keep forever and always treasure.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favourite super easy handmade gift ideas with you guys, in the hopes it might help or inspire some of you! Let me know what you think! πŸ™‚


I make my own bookmarks on my Etsy shop, from my paintings and other artwork. However, you don’t need to be THAT artistic or intense to make your own adorable and meaningful bookmark for a friend. You can get crafty and make a collage for someone using photographs, adding glitter, a cute quote or message; and then simply cutting it into shape, and laminating it for safekeeping and to keep it strong and sturdy. You could also create it digitally if that’s more your thing, then printing it off and laminating! Done! Nice and easy, and with a personal touch.

Clay jewellery dishes

I love this one. Simply use polymer clay (really cheap, available at most craft shops or Ebay!), and roll and mould it into whatever size of dish you may want. Mix colours together, or stick to one shade if you wish, then cook in the oven until set (I recommend checking out this guide). This is so much fun, and always reminds me of being in school again! You can then paint the final thing or decorate in some way, before adding a ribbon around it and gift wrapping it up. The perfect jewellery dish, made by hand!

Box of Love

I’ve done this one for a couple of people, and it’s always been so much fun, and really gone down well. Write down all the reasons you love someone, or your favourite memories you have together, on separate pieces of paper (its more fun if you use colourful paper) and fold them up a few times before putting them in a small box. Keep going until you fill the box, and add in pom poms, glitter, sweeties, polaroids or anything else you might want. Then decorate the box as beautifully as you can, and wrap it up with a note. Explain to your friend, Mum, partner; that this box is filled with all the reasons that you love them, plus many more that can’t be put into words. Tell them the box is there to remind them how special they are, and they should reach in and read one any time they might need reminding.


Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t very creative! There are lots of ways to make an original piece of Art for someone, if you want a unique gift. You could make a collage that represents them and have it framed (use photographs, ticket stubs, stickers, stamps, pressed flowers). You could try painting a canvas based on their favourite flowers, or filled with song lyrics or a poem. You could do an ink drawing of their dog/cat. You could take the perfect portrait photograph of them, and have it printed and framed with a quote they love. There are so many ways to make someone feel special, and explore your own creativity!

A treats jar

There are so many amazing ideas for this one on Pinterest, and they are unbelievably easy! Simply fill a large jar with your recipients all time favourite treats, and tie a ribbon around. Perfect! You could even go one step further by choosing an easy yummy cookie recipe, and filling the jar with all the required ingredients, and a little note telling your recipient how to bake it all together! 

Pamper hamper

Know somebody who really needs a break this Christmas? Perhaps they’re the perfect person to receive the ultimate pamper hamper! Fill a large box or goody bag with new pjs, face masks, chocolate, DVD’s, a good book, hair masks, massage oils and candles. Loads of fun, and you win points for making such a nice effort for someone!


If you guys have any other awesome DIY gift ideas, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments! πŸ™‚




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