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The Perfect Christmas Gift From Adexe

5th December 2017

I’m pretty proud of my gift history with my fiance Gary; I always make sure to choose special gifts that I know he’ll love, and things that are sure to bring a smile. I’m the master of finding that special comic book, that artwork from his favourite illustrator, that hoody he seen once and mentioned he loved. All those little things that feel awesome, that make up our history together, that shows how much I pay attention. I’m queen of this. But I always struggle a little bit with the ‘main present’. You know, the biggie, the one that makes someone gasp when they rip open the wrapping paper. The one that you can’t wait to see their face for. I’m never quite sure what to do for that one, especially for Gary. What do men even like???

So this year, when Gary just came out and asked me for a watch this Christmas; I was overjoyed!

He never EVER comes out and asks me for anything, so I knew he really must want it badly; and he had kept mentioning what sort of designs he loved too. I was so happy, he was making life so easy for me this Christmas! The only problem was finding such a perfect dream watch for him, within my price range, and available to order on time for Christmas.

I feel like the stars aligned just for me recently, because I was incredibly lucky enough to receive an invitation from Adexe to try out one of their beautiful watches to see what I thought. I took a browse of all their collection (getting slightly distracted by this beautiful Petite SnowWhite design!) and scouted to see what would best match what my fiance wanted. My luck was evidently still running strong, because I came across the most perfect watch I could have ever imagined for him.

The Adexe MAC Grande Black & Rose Gold* watch is exactly the style I’d been looking for. Gary had mentioned wanting his watch to have a large round face, black straps and rose gold detail (the blogger community has obviously influenced him!). This watch had everything and more!

100% Produced and designed in house, Adexe have created the ultimate item of luxury and style. With curved hardened crystal and stainless steel too; this baby is also as tough as it is beautiful. Traditional quality teamed with a contemporary, minimalist style. Perfect!

My fiance’s Christmas is now truly perfect, and this has been made even more special knowing this is a gift he will treasure for years to come. I’m SO, so grateful to Adexe for such a wonderful gift! I actually have another Adexe piece in mind for my brothers 40th birthday too, but I’ll keep that a secret for now! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, definitely browse their Christmas Gift sets!

The best bit? You guys get something special too! I’m running a giveaway on my Twitter for you to win an Adexe watch of your choice! AMAZING. So be sure to head over there to enter! 🙂 You have until the 19th December to enter.

Good luck!

And if you truly can’t wait and want to treat yourself, get 15% off using the code GIFTOFTIME15. Go go go!




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