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Blogs Of The Month For December

15th December 2017

The end of 2017 is upon us and it’s been quite the year, eh? I dunno about you guys, but I’ve loved this year personally. However I’m still excited to bring in 2018 with a bang, and I’m more motivated than ever! I’m so flippin’ lucky to have had a year of people supporting me in so many ways, especially here on the blog. Each month we’ve had different advertisers, and it’s been wonderful to share so many new blogs with you all!

December has been a wonderful month so far, and the last leg of it is bound to be amazing! I’ve had some fantastic advertisers on the blog this month, and I’d love you guys to visit them all! So I thought today I’d give a quick and mini run down of who’s who, and why you should visit them! Enjoy!


Life of Kimberly

3 Words to describe their blog: Helpful, community-spirit(I know I cheated there), and honest.

You should read: How to gain Instagram followers


From Fiona

3 Words to describe their blog: Beautiful, cosy, versatile

You should read: Travel Tips


Danielle Levy

3 Words to describe their blog: Fun, classy, varied.

You should read: Stocking filler gift ideas


Kayleigh Zara

3 Words to describe their blog: Pretty, chatty, addictive.

You should read: 10 Blogs I’m loving this month


What Kirsty Did Next

3 Words to describe their blog: Wanderlust, happy, interesting.

You should read: Life lessons I’ve learnt this year


The Dena Edit

3 Words to describe their blog: Dreamy, beautiful, honest!

You should read: The liquid highlight you need this party season


Sincerely Sarah

3 Words to describe their blog: Chatty, pretty, binge-worthy.

You should read: Secrets for a stress free Christmas


Not Copper Armour

3 Words to describe their blog: Talented, helpful, chic.

You should read: Exploring the basics of photography



3 Words to describe their blog: Cute, friendly, inviting.

You should read: Hit Reset


The Undateable Girl’s Diary

3 Words to describe their blog: Fun, honest, insightful.

You should read: TV Shows I’m watching and Loving


What have you guys been reading this December? 🙂





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