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5 Mini Goals For December

1st December 2017

The final month of the year is here! It’s that time where we all go crazy for tinsel, gingerbread men and fairy lights. Who am I kidding? I’m obsessed with fairy lights all year round. I love how December makes everyone reflect on the year gone by, and get motivated to make the coming one even more awesome. As a very goal orientated person, that’s my jam!

I’ve decided to set myself some little goals for the month; just a few things I want ticked off before I head into 2018. So I thought I’d share them with you guys today, and see if you have any goals for December? It doesn’t have to be life changing or super important, let’s save that for January eh?


5 Mini Goals For December

1. Prep exciting content for the new year.

Like most other bloggers and creators, I’ll be assessing my content and trying to prepare for 2018 with a bang! Whether it’s for this blog, my Instagram or my Etsy shop; I have exciting new plans I wan’t to try out. I want to take some risks and try something different with my Artwork, and I hope to make the very best content for you guys to read too. Fingers crossed!

2. Stop being afraid of the camera.

This will sound weird, since you’ve probably seen photos of me, and may even see me chatting away on Instagram stories often. But here’s the thing, I actually HATE cameras being on me. Insta stories is fine, because it’s so low key and casual, that I don’t care (even when I look awful tbh). But I’d love to get some really great photographs of myself to use more often on this blog or my Instagram grid. Not necessarily high posed ‘serious stuff’; but just a bit more of a glimpse of this girl behind the scenes. This will take plenty of practise.. wish  me luck.

3. Post all cards and gifts on time.

This is the first year celebrating Christmas away from my family and best friends, which is a little sad. But I am also really excited to celebrate it for the first time in our home, and make some new traditions! However, it means I have to post everything off in December to people; gifts and cards alike. I’m dreading how much it will cost me, and I hope I can get it all out of the way early!

4. Take a few days off for Christmas.

This may be a given for plenty of you, but as a struggling small fry in the world of even smaller biz; time off is a luxury I can’t usually afford. I’m hoping I can somehow plan ahead enough and scrimp by where possible, to take off a whole 5 days with Gary! I’d LOVE to indulge in Christmas movies, prosecco, pjs and time away from a screen. PLEASE gawd let it happen. Wanna help? Purchase anything from my store, it really does make a difference!

5. Cook a Christmas dinner – eek!

This is the scariest one, and I can’t believe I’m almost 30 and I still can’t cook a Christmas dinner. Actually.. I cant cook full stop! Like I mentioned, Gary and I won’t be near my family this year, and even though we’re seeing his family, on Christmas day itself we’ll be alone. So we decided to brave it and cook together. I reckon we’re going to cheat and buy a chicken instead of a turkey though, and a pre-cooked one at that! HA. Then just bang on a load of vegetables, potatoes and yorkshire pudding; and we’re good to go! Truth be told I’ll be relying on Gary here, and it’s bound to end up hilarious. Ahh well, it’s the thought that counts!


What are your goals for December?




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