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Getting Organised In December

13th December 2017

There are a few little things I love about the end of the year, apart from the obvious ones like Christmas. I love that everyone seems to take time off together, I love that it feels like a fresh start is coming, and I love that a fresh burst of motivation always seems to hit me at the very end of the year.

I know that a lot of people feel the same as me, especially bloggers! There always seems to be a buzz in December/January with loads of blog posts on goals, resolutions and aims for the next year. I kind of live for this, it’s great. So today I wanted to chat a little about how I’m getting myself organised in preparation for 2018.

1. Plan my schedule

I love looking back over the year and reflecting on what went well, what didn’t and what I want more of. When it comes to running my own small business and being a full time blogger; I have to plan ahead quite a lot. I was kindly sent this personalised 2018 Diary* from Chroma Stationery, and it’s been a god send for giving me an organisational push! I’ve used different highlighters and washi tapes throughout to colour code and decorate it, and I’m planning when I’m releasing new launches, when I have to design certain products, and what my work schedule will look like. It’s fantastic as it has everything I need in one place including an annual calendar, individual monthly calendars, day to day notes, monthly goals and much more! And best of all it comes in a range of colours, and is personalised too! It’s perfect for any stationery lovers like me. Because of it, I’ve been able to plan much further ahead for content, and I’m excited to say my work schedule looks less hectic too!

2. Have things to look forward to

Because I’ve been able to get myself organised with my work schedule, this means I’m free to explore all the FUN things a little more in 2018. I want something to look forward to every single month, and I’ve already got January sorted! My Mum is visiting me for the week, and two of my friends are coming to stay for a few days too. I’m also embarking on something absolutely new, exciting and scary in January… so wish me luck!

3. Spring cleaning/organising my home

It’s that fresh start thing again, it makes me want everything shiny and NEW; including the house! As well as doing a normal ‘big spring clean’ (YES, in Winter, shhh), I’m also rearranging our house a little, and making a list of home projects I want to get sorted early next year. I love our home, and I just want to make it work even better for us, down to the little details.

4. Cleaning out my baggage

December is the time to think about what you need to let go of and leave behind. For me, that is worrying about what people think, overthinking life decisions (to the point I don’t make any decision..) and body image issues. Easier said than done, of course. But I really have made progress this year, and I hope I can leave a hell of a lot of these problems in 2017. I want 2018 to be my brightest, happiest, most ambitious yet. I want to leap into the new year with open arms!


How are you guys getting organised for 2018? (Or do you love to wing it?) – Lemme know! 🙂




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