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Pampering At Christmas

9th December 2017

I have to admit something guys; I’m feeling very damn smug right now. So forgive me ok, this will only last for a moment! I’ve done ALL my Christmas shopping. In fact, I’ve had it all done for about a week or two really… I’ve just been picking up extras if truth be told. AND I’ve even bought plenty of alcohol and chocolate for over the Christmas period (you wouldn’t think it was just me and Gary in the house).

Okay so now that you hate me, lemme get on with the blog post.

I thought since I’ve been SO GOOD this year, I deserved a treat, AND I could share some of my fave stocking fillers with you guys if you’re still stuck on pressies for some people. So whether you’re smug AF like me and want a goodie for yourself, or you’re panic shopping and need suggestions; I got ya covered.

Treat for ME: This beautiful Bayliss and Harding Winter Spruce and Berries Candle.

Fucking B-E-A-uuuuutiful. It smells like all your Winter memories in one go. That time you and your brother woke up at 5am Christmas morning and ran down stairs screaming to all the gifts. That time you met your other half’s family at Christmas and it was all tinsel and awkward. That time you got your mate the BEST gift ever and she screamed down your ear. 

Or y’know, just smells like chilled berries and nice stuff.

Either way, LOVE IT.

Treat for THEM: Sweet mandarin and grapefruit set

For anyone wanting a little bit of a bathtime treat; there’s body lotion, shower and bath lotion, and a body spray. All smelling utterly devine and sweet as Santa’s candy cane house (I imagine).

You can even go one step further with the prosecco handwash for them too, whether it be your Mum, mate, auntie, nan. But in all honesty? That bad boy stays with me. Not sure if having prosecco handwash makes me look a classy bird or a birruva’ pisshead… but I’m happy either way.


Probably the nicest gift set from Bayliss and Harding is this little bath style treat! I’m a sucker for novelty, and it comes in its own actual bathtub, so y’know, well impressed. The midnight fig and pomegranate is best for anyone who doesn’t love sugary sweet scents like me.Perfect timing on the moisturising body balms too, as I dry right up in Winter (ooer!). As much as I thought these scents were just ALRIGHT… I fell totally in love with the Mulberry and mistletoe shampoo and bath/shower lotion. It’s so yummy and festive and feels a little bit special!

Treat for THEM: And finally, the MEN. As well as novelty socks, Xbox games, alcohol and maybe a tacky jumper; we have to get the men some nice smellies too don’t we? Break away from the usual Lynx cliche, and go for Bayliss and Harding Sport set. I hate the ‘SPORT MEANS MASCULINE WHICH MEANS ITS OKAY TO GROOM DOESNT IT??????’ name. But apart from that, this is actually a really nice set! Smells refreshing and yummy all at once, and looks like you’ve made a bit of effort. Well done.


If you need other ideas for pampering treats for yourself and others, just tweet me and ask because chances are for the rest of the month I’ll just be chugging food and drink and slathering in creams.

Happy Chrimbo all x



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