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DIY Hair: Going From Blue To Pink With Colour Freedom

2nd December 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter… or even just look to my sidebar on this blog in fact; you may have noticed a change! Yes, I’ve gone a whole new hair colour again, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I loved my blue hair, but I was desperately in need of a change. A change in hair colour can make you feel totally different about yourself, make you feel prettier, sassier, more at home. It can give you a little more confidence and make tackling the day to day easier.

I haven’t been pink in about 2 years, and the first time I ever went pink was when I was 19. I change my hair colour often, as you may have noticed; and this year alone has seen me be purple, green, blue, even multicoloured rainbow hair, and now pink. So considering how often I love to change it, AND the fact that my favourite colour is pink, it’s surprising that I’ve only ever been pink twice in my life, and for a short burst each time. Why?

Well the answer to that is really quite simple. I didn’t have the greatest products to keep the perfect pink! When I first dyed my hair pink at 19; I had to bleach the hell out of it, not knowing which products were best, only for it to wash out after a week or two, and go orangey. Not great. (I love orange hair by the way, but when you’re not aiming for that it can be disappointing.)

Fast forward to 2017, aged 29 and with flashy pink hair that I now LOVE (and will definitely be keeping for at least a few months!); and it’s fair to say I’ve found the winning products. I’ve been using my old pals Colour Freedom in ‘Pink Pizazz’ to achieve this powerful, sassy pink, and I’m so happy with the result! It’s crazy to think just over a week ago my hair was blue, and I’ve managed to get it to such a warm pink so easily.

Colour Freedom also do their own Cream Bleach Kits, which meant I could lighten my hair before dying; giving it the best chance of my colour turning out perfectly. I kept mine on for just 20 minutes,until my hair was super blonde, then I rinsed and washed it out; leaving it soft and still in great condition. SO impressive, since bleach has only ever damaged my hair before. Then I simply applied my Pink Pizazz hair dye* and left it for an hour or so, to soak in. And hurrah! I’m left with vibrant colour and soft hair. I wash it out gently and apply a generous amount of my favourite conditioner, and I’m done!

Colour Freedom also do a Pasteliser, which you can mix with your dye of choice, to achieve a lighter, more pastel shade. I didn’t do that this time, simply as I wanted a colour that would POP. But I will be using it over the next few months when my colour needs topping up, and I’ll gradually be taking my pink to a more pastel, candy pink.

I’m so, so pleased with the results. Colour Freedom continue to inspire my style, look after my hair, and impress me every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for more!

So what do you guys think? 🙂




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