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Tech For Bloggers On The Go & Giveaway!

12th December 2017

Some bloggers are 100% digitally minded and love nothing more than writing on their laptops, pads, phones to create content, or even Illustrators who only swear by drawing tablets. Then you have the bloggers who still love stationery, and actually putting pen to paper when crafting ideas for blog posts, and seem to have hundreds of notebooks!

Then there’s me; who is actually right in the middle of these two. Because I’ll always be a stationery addict, and putting pen to paper always feels just perfect to me. However I also use a digital drawing tablet every single day, for my illustrations, as it’s so much easier than scanning in work manually each time.

So when IRIS got in touch with me saying they had the perfect product for me; the IRIS Notes Air 3*, I was very intrigued! 

The Iris Notes Air 3 is a pen and receiver which you use together to take hand written/drawn pieces and instantly replicate them digitally. So basically, you clip the receiver to the top of a piece of paper (any paper you may be using!), and use the pen as normal. Draw and doodle away, make notes, write out a blog post; whatever you need. Then simply pop the receiver into your computer via USB, and whatever you’ve drawn/written will upload onto a digital page. Pretty nifty eh?

Now here’s where things get really fun. Because as I mentioned, I use a drawing tablet every single day; so I’m used to using this sort of tech, and I feel confident with it. But as much as I love my drawing tablet; I instantly seen the benefits of using the Iris Notes Air 3. When using the pen and receiver, it meant I can actually SEE what I’m creating on paper, rather than having to look at a screen and check my drawing is coming out as planned. There’s no need to be technically savvy, it’s simply pen and paper after all. This means it’s brilliant for newbies, and every single stroke of the pen is perfect then.

The other huge benefit, is that using a pen is obviously SO much easier if you’re working on the go. There’s no way I’d be able to take my laptop and drawing tablet on a train with me to draw or write, without it being a huge hassle. But with this Iris pen and receiver, it’s just as easy as making notes in a notebook on the go. Small enough to fit in the tiniest of handbags, and super helpful for those who never seem to stop. The receiver saves anything you write/draw, so you can get to work, then put it away knowing it’s stored nice and safely to upload later.

And finally the one thing that truly mesmerised me when using the Iris pen, is that it can translate any notes you make, into ‘proper’ text on the computer once uploaded. Meaning even if you have the most ugly handwriting, you can switch this to digital text, with just the click of a button. So you can now make write out blog posts on the train, upload them later, and there’s no need to type them out! YAY! I’m seriously impressed with this.



After my excitement using the Iris Notes Air 3 Pen, I got doodling away as you can see, and I expressed my love for the product, and my thanks to Iris themselves. Since it’s Christmas time, they kindly offered to let me run a giveaway too! So FIVE of you lucky gems can win one of these for yourselves. AMAZING!

Enter below, and good luck!! (Open worldwide!)

You can also get 10% off if you decide to buy one, using code DORKFACE. What a bargain!



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