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Things I’ve Learned This Year

7th December 2017

In a few weeks January 2018 will be here, and it’ll be a fresh start for us all; whatever you might need it for. I’m making it the year I take HUGE LEAPS. I have big plans both personally and professionally, and I’m serious about making it happen. I pride myself on being quite goal driven, focused person anyway; but the start of a new year always motivates me even more!

So what about 2017? What did I learn?
What can I take away from this year?

Being a grown up doesn’t have to be scary.

Being a grown up has SO many downsides of course, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as we make out sometimes. There’s an app for almost anything these days, and we get to define what being an ‘adult’ is anyway. Want cereal for dinner? Sure, go for it. Want to embrace your childish side more often? Awesome! There are no limits anymore. Life for our parents may have been stricter, more traditional and with a lot more expectations; and it’s nice to realise how our generation are letting go of that. I can do my thing, and that feels incredible. This year I’ve learned I still don’t feel like a grown up, but that’s because my idea of a grown up is a warped, old fashioned view, and it’s okay that I’m not THAT.

I really love to talk.

As well as being able to ramble on for quite a while in a blog post, turns out I love to natter too. Okay, so this is no surprise really, my school reports from aged 5 and up had all my teachers mentioning ‘how chatty I always was’, and I’m not exactly nicknamed the quiet one in my group of friends. But this year I realised how much I really love to talk to people, on a deeper level. I’ll avoid small, awkward, social interactions as much as the next Brit; but I really love getting stuck into great topics with people I know. In fact, this is what sparked my new podcast; Getting Into It. I wanted an excuse to talk about wildly random, crazy, and intelligent subjects with various people, and it’s been amazing so far!

I don’t need material things to be happy.

Obviously I want a million and one different makeup products, I live for new stationery, and teasing myself on ASOS is a hobby of mine. HOWEVER, 2017 really taught me what matters. I gave up buying beauty products I didn’t need, completely! I now only buy something if I’ve ran out of it completely, or I feel it will make a vast difference to my collection. I want to USE up my belongings rather than collect, and I don’t want to waste money anymore. 

I have a great support system.

Whether it’s my Whatsapp gang ready for a late night chat, blogger friends who totally get my Instagram woes, or my best mates planning on a trip to see each other; I’m so grateful for the variety of support systems I have in my life. This year when my laptop broke and died, leaving me suddenly unable to work AT ALL; I panicked, and sobbed. Amazingly, the blogging community rallied together to help me buy a new laptop, and I couldn’t believe it! It literally SAVED ME. I have no idea what I’d have done without that help, seriously. I also took the scary leap of moving to Plymouth when I knew nobody, and my family have been so lovely and supportive, and helped me still feel close to them. Then there’s the new friends here who have embraced me, THANK YOU! You help me feel not so alone. So 2017 has taught me I have loads of different support systems, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for that.

Prioritising helps.

As much as I hate to give up anything, 2017 taught me that prioritising the most important things makes a big difference. I let go of all The Girl Gang stuff (newsletter, chats, accounts, etc) I was doing, and it felt SO GOOD. I’ve now been able to use that time to enjoy creating more Art, and just taking time off to be honest. Since giving it up, I’ve began reading again. Like I actually read a new book every week or two now, YAY! Looking after yourself is what matters most, so prioritise guys!


What have you guys learned this year?




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