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The Two Plus Size Bloggers That Inspire Me Daily

14th December 2017


I’ve chatted plenty of times before about how my life would be different if I hadn’t started blogging; my career, the friendships I’ve made, the opportunities I’ve had. But I’ve failed to talk so far about the one thing that it helps every single day, and is so important. My body image.

Being in the blogging community means I become exposed to people from all over, who I would have never have met or heard of otherwise. I find people interested in the same things as I am, and I discover people who inspire me in ways I never dreamed before.

Thanks to blogging, I discovered two very important ladies; Lottie and Steph. Seeing these girls on my feed daily reminds me how important it is for us all to see a range of bodies in fashion. They both remind me that just because I’m a plus size girl, doesn’t mean I can’t be beautiful, love myself, or enjoy fashion. They are both so fucking stylish, fun, fearless and absolutely beautiful; and two of my favourite fashion bloggers ever. So today I wanted to chat about them briefly, because I’m so grateful to have found them.



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The one word I’d use to describe Lottie is FUN. She always seems like she’s such a fun person (I love her Insta stories), and this seems to effortlessly translate into her style too. She absolutely dives into any style of fashion she fancies, and it’s really inspiring when I see anyone who can go from grunge to girly; but especially looking as good as she does. She absolutely celebrates her body, and she also helps inspire other plus size girls like myself; showing how you don’t have to hide away, or stick to ugly florals. My absolute fave thing is that Lottie does grunge/edgy looks sometimes, and I ADORE this, as deep down I’m still an emo kid and grunge wannabe. However as a plus size person, I always feel like I can’t quite pull this off anymore. Lottie shows me I bloody well CAN.



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My god so many things to love about Steph, SO MANY. I love her so much I could squish her. But I won’t… that’d be weird. Anyway, the one word I’d use to describe Steph is PASSION. Steph does everything in life with real passion; whether it be diving into a social commentary on the body positive movement on Twitter, and making me really think about something that had never crossed my mind, OR passionately throwing herself into an outfit that can audibly make me gasp with delight; Steph sort of enchants me. She is just so damn gorgeous, and looks good in anything. Her fashion photos on her blog and Instagram always inspire me to explore outside my comfort zone, and she gives me something to think about while doing so. Steph is one to watch and to listen to. Because she looks damn good, and you better believe she has something important to say.


I cant stress enough how much I need these girls. They make me feel seen. They make me feel heard. They make me feel good about myself. They remind me to think about social constructs and they damn well call out behaviour that I need to change in myself. I’m here for that.


I advise you all to go follow them immediately 🙂




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