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Vision Direct Christmas Craft Competition*

4th December 2017

If there’s one thing I love, it’s getting crafty. If there’s another thing I love, it’s Christmas! Combine these two things together and you’ve got yourself a cracker (geddit?) of an afternoon. This time of year is perfect for taking things easy, and making time for the fun little things; and Vision Direct have decided to reward you for doing so! They are running an amazing crafty competition from Wednesday 6th December to Sunday 17th December, and giving away Amazon vouchers for the winner!

Okay, so here’s the important things you need to know.

  • Vision Direct are including a template with every order for the next couple of weeks, so you can get making your own crafty tree designs. OR you can download the template here.
  • Use your template to cut out Christmas trees from cardboard, and then get crafty!
  • You can paint your trees, add glitter, pom poms, sequins, washi tape, baubles – WHATEVER! The possibilities are endless and you should simply have fun with it.
  • Once you’ve created your own little Christmas trees, share them! Share a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #christmascrafted and #visiondirectuk and your decorations will be entered into the competition.
  • The winner will receieve a £250 Amazon voucher!! WOW.
  • The 2nd and 3rd runner up will receive a £50 Amazon voucher!
  • Go crazy with your creations, have fun, and keep sharing! (Remember, by 17th!)

And of course yours truly is very much getting involved! Vision Direct kindly sent me a box full of little goodies so I could also get crafty and make my own! I’ll also be helping to JUDGE the competition, WOO! Which means I’ll get to browse all your creations and get super inspired by all the wonderful ideas.

As you can see from the two photos above, I got sent a little start kit from Vision Direct, and then I also put together my own craft supplies which I thought would be perfect for this project!

Okay so I wanted to create more than one tree for myself, and decided I’d create two large ones, and one smaller one. I also got all my craft supplies out so I could be as spontaneous as I liked, and just have fun with it.

I got out my paints, confetti, sequins, glitter, tissue paper, pom poms, tape, glue, scissors, and so much more! Thanks to Vision Direct’s tree template and guide, it was really easy to cut out and craft together the base for the trees, meaning I got to spend all my time simply decorating!

I even put together a little video for you guys, so you can watch how I got on! It was gloriously messy and totally in the Christmas spirit.

I’d love if you took a moment to watch the video, but if you’d like to recreate the trees I made, here’s how I did them;

  • Use the template to cut out my trees from the cardboard box, and slot them together
  • Used acrylic paint to decorate them, and allowed them to dry
  • Used Pritt stick glue (or spray glue) all over, then add a multitude of glitters
  • Get a collection of colourful pom poms, and decorate them over your trees using Super glue
  • Use spray glue to add one more layer of glitter for extra sparkles
  • Then simply display proudly on your fireplace, desk or wherever you most want to show them off!


I am overjoyed with how this project turned out, and best of all – ANYONE can do it! Whether you decide to do this as a fun project with your kids, or you take this as serious as ever with your eye on that £250 Amazon voucher; remember to share it using #christmascrafted and #visiondirectuk. You can be as detailed and ambitious as you like, or simply spend half an hour seeing what would look prettiest displayed on your fireplace!


The greatest part of all of this, is it gives us all an excuse to do something different over the holiday season, and you can use supplies you already have at home. It’s a great way to bring out your creative side, and have fun with your friends, kids, or even over Instagram with others! So get that confetti out, get chopping at that tinsel, and get crafty this Christmas with Vision Direct.

Keep an eye on their socials to see updates on the competition too!



Good luck everyone! 🙂




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