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3 Ways I Hope To Change in 2018

9th January 2018

I really do want 2018 to be an amazing year, and I want to take advantage of every awesome possibility that comes my way. My hope is that by December I’ll be able to look back on an awesome year of happiness, success, achievements big and small, and courage. There are a few things I have to change though to get there, and it starts with ME.

I don’t buy into this whole ‘new year new me’ thing, but I understand why it’s so popular. We love the idea of change and being the best version of ourselves, so it’s only natural this attitude is so popular at the beginning of the year. However, I’ve discovered over the past year or two that life truly does get so much easier and full of much more joy when you accept who you are, flaws and all. When you recognise there are things you can’t change, and also that there are things you shouldn’t change!

I do want to GROW in 2018 though. I want to know I’m celebrating everything good about myself, while improving little by little wherever I can.

So here are the 3 ways I’m hoping to change this year:


1. Be kinder to myself

If I actually documented every bad thought I have about myself, it would probably read like a sick, worrying dark journal of self hatred; and it’s about time that changed. My insecurities have held me back from so much, and I make life SO much harder on myself than it needs to be. So in 2018 I’m going to be my own little cheerleader whenever I produce a new piece of work, try out a new outfit, be a little more daring with my makeup looks, or share some of my Art.

2. Enjoy time off work

This is a hard one for me, as I constantly worry if I’m doing enough to help my business grow. Whenever I (rarely) take time off, I spend it worrying about what I think I should be doing and I definitely don’t make the most of that downtime. I hope in 2018 I can spend the days watching movies, painting my nails, reading, or just hanging with friends without worrying that I’m a failure.

3. Do things that scare me

It actually makes me really sad to think of all the amazing opportunities I’ve turned down because I’ve been too scared to say yes. Magazine shoots, speaking at blog events, meeting my blogging idols, and much, much more. Then there are all the little things like, I haven’t gone swimming in years, because I’ve hated my body and the thought of being in a swimming costume in front of others has filled me with fear. I’ve wanted to get fitter by doing something I genuinely love, but ironically I’m paranoid about NOT being fit while starting out. This changes in 2018 though, 100%. I’ve already taken the plunge and ordered my swimsuit, so as soon as it arrives I’ll be getting back in the water! HELL YES! Screw it, it’s fun, feels good, and if anyone is judging my body in a swimming costume they need to get a life, frankly.


Are there any ways you guys want to change this year? 🙂




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