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5 Things I’m Loving

6th January 2018

Bonjour wonderful readers, I hope this post finds you well. I’m full of motivation, inspiration and joy today… although it may well just be my caffeine intake is gloriously high. Oh well, it’s January; it’s needed. I hope Christmas and New Year was kind to you all, and you’re feeling as excited for 2018 as I am. I’ve had a good long think about what sort of content I want on this blog for the coming year, and one of the first things I decided was to share ‘5 Things I’m Loving‘ on a weekly basis with you guys.

I love chatty blog posts full of happiness; so what better way to check in with you guys than to simply write posts sharing all the best bits from my week? I can’t promise what day these posts will fall on, as I’m known for moving plans around last minute. I can promise that I’ll update weekly though, and my ‘5 Things’ will range from products, TV shows, to happy things happening online, and more! It’ll be awesome, I just know it. I really love those more casual blog posts, checking in on life things and what I have going on; so I hope you enjoy it too!


So here’s what I’m truly raving about this week;


1. Our new coffee machine

I got Gary the fanciest coffee machine ever, as we’re both coffee fiends if you hadn’t guessed by now. Truthfully I was buzzing to get this for myself too, ha! We can now buy those awesome Costa drink things for at home, meaning my days are now filled with caramel lattes, the strongest Americanos, and the yummiest hot chocolates. Awesome!

2. Soap and Glory goodies

I asked Santa for some Soap and Glory goodies, and he spoiled me rotten! The Sugar Crush range is my absolute favourite, it reminds me of Summer, cocktails and fun days out with friends. A few people gave me lovely S&G gift sets, so I have body butters, shower creams, scrubs and body sprays coming out of my ears, it’s wonderful!

3. Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Album

God, I honestly don’t even know where to start. Anyone who knows me knows that Eminem is my all time favourite music artist and obsession since I was around 12/13 years old! I’ve followed his journey over the years with passion and love and his music seriously inspires me. I’ve waited four years for this new album and it does NOT disappoint. In fact, it’s my favourite of the past 3. I obviously recommend you all listen to it, but highlights include Bad Husband, Chloraseptic, Remind Me and Framed. Oh and Untouchable. Oh hell just go listen to it all guys.

4. Having a new work space 

You might have read my blog post about starting a family in 2018, so you’ll know I’ve starting clearing out the spare room in preparation. This means I’ve had to move my desk, craft cupboards and all my Art materials into our bedroom. I thought it would be hellish, but I’m pleased to say it’s worked out well! I cleared out non essentials, and I feel so cosy working in the bedroom too. It gets much better lighting in there, there are fairy lights everywhere, and the TV is there if I want to watch a cheeky episode of Bob’s Burgers while I paint!

5. My Instagram

Does that sound cocky? It probably sounds cocky, forgive me! However I’m LOVING my Instagram at the moment. I’ve planned all my photo content for the next two weeks, and it looks super pretty, I gotta say. I’m also interacting SO much more with lovely folk on there, and I have so much fun sharing my everyday life on Insta stories! Basically, even thought Instagram has a lot of issues, it’s my happy place at the moment, and I’d love ya to follow me!


What things are you absolutely loving this week?!





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