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Beating The January Blues

3rd January 2018

It’s quite common to hit a bit of a mood slump in January; after all of Decembers festivities, excitement and constant plans. January can feel extra cold, harsh, boring, and going back to work certainly doesn’t help! I sometimes suffer with the January blues myself, it’s hit and miss whether it’ll affect me each year. I’m quite excited about starting fresh and I have so much to look forward to in 2018; so I think I’m doing pretty well this year. I did want to share my tips for beating the January blues though, in case any of you lovely folk are suffering.

So here are my five (hopefully helpful) tips for making January that little bit easier:


1. Take it easy

Settling back into the grind can feel miserable, but try to concentrate on enjoying the little things that you may have been deprived of for the past month or so. No more worrying about buying gifts for your boyfriends uncles nan’s cat, no more stressing over going shopping after work, no more crazy queues in Tesco. Life is moving a little slower in January, and that’s not all bad. Make time to read more, enjoy a long bath, get some more sleep. Rejuvenation is key!

2. Spread some joy

Taking some time to make others feel good is a win-win situation, because you always end up feeling much better afterwards too! Send a little ‘just thinking of you’ card to a family member, surprise a friend with a bunch of flowers, make a photo collage for your Mum, or treat your other half to a surprise evening out. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t have to cost anything, but can do you both the world of good; and will be a fantastic way to start 2018 off! I have 20 ways to spread a little joy here.

3. Have things to look forward to

The best thing about January is that we have the whole year to look ahead to and plan for, so make sure it’s a goodun! Whether you book a holiday, or just plan a catch up date with your besties; have something set in stone each month to look forward to. You’ll soon be feeling brilliant!

4. Get inspired

This is YOUR YEAR. You can leave all the toxic, bad vibes and terrible choices in 2017. This is the year you grow, take action, and chase those things you really want. Sit down and make a plan, what do you really want by the end of these 12 months? You can make it happen, so don’t hold back! Check out my 2018 Goals post for inspiration.

5. Boost yourself up

2018 Could be the year you really appreciate the unique, talented, amazing person you are; so make sure you tell yourself often! Write inspiring mantras above your mirror, leave little notes in your diary reminding yourself how bloody brilliant you are, and take photos of yourself on days you are most happy, to treasure that feeling! Do whatever you can to boost your self esteem and let go of all insecurities. This year, you need to rock who you are!


I hope this helps, and you’re all feeling excited for the year ahead. I know I am! 🙂






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